Glad to buy 400k Maidsafecoins

It’s lucky for me to buy more Maidsafecoins @ 0.00007BTC in the past days. I don’t want to miss the bus.
Good luck for me and other holders!
PS: I will hold my coins till the end of 2016 to consider to sell!


Glad to know of another large holder! I wish you luck!


Wish I had been more patient. I got in the .000095 range, though, I also have a chunk from crowd sale and right after the dip following. I should calculate out my average. Either way, nice time to buy and congrats. SAFE is going to be huge. I honestly don’t expect to make it rich on my holdings (would be nice, but its not my expectation) but I’m hoping to be able to make some money to put back into the SAFE economy.


this is maybe inspiring me to try to get 200k, “only” got 170k right now. saving up for a computer, but i won’t have enough money for that for a couple months anyway, about the time SAFE will be exploding anyway (actually it could take a bit longer than that, but i can probably live without a huge computer for awhile longer). been holding since nov/december.


Is this the topic for MaidSafeCoin owners to introduce themselves lol?

Currently I own (almost) 325,000 maid. When I read about MaidSafe and her plans, I was flabbergasted. I think it was in 2013, and I got the same type of shock that I had when I learned about Bitcoin a few years earlier. Probably even bigger shock… This SAFE Network concept, if build well and introduced properly, is HUGE. Since IPO, when I bought my first stash, I have been buying little chunks here and there when I could afford it. My latest buy was 7,432 maid at 6401 satoshis, my average buy price is more in the 8000-9000 satoshis range though.

Of course it would be nice to see in 5-10 years that it was a profitable investment, but currently my main concern is to positively support Irvine, Lambert, their team and this community. The world deserves SAFE, and I’m happy to be part of it and to have joined the rollercoaster in a somewhat early stage. But I’m quite sure we ain’t seen nothing yet. There will be tons of humps and bumps ahead, and I’m hoping I can contribute some good things down the road.

So from here, good luck to you all, guys! :slight_smile:


I think there is NO risk when you invest in SAFEcoin or start a SAFE Network based business.

Like the guy says in this clip, when bitcoin reach $0 the miners will stop mining. On the other hand if SAFEcoin would reach $0, farmers would still farm and you would still be able to run your apps on the SAFE Network and store your files. The idea of not seeing a fiat price, but in stead bandwidth/computation/storage feels weird. Maybe it’s no wonder to hold on to these values in a age of connectivity. bitcoin seems to have it’s power based on it’s fiat price, SAFEcoin’s power lies hidden in it ability to unleash resources, now that’s priceless.

This week I’ve even convinced my mother to invest € 200 in Maidsafecoin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mwhuahahahahaa my mother her first Maidsafecoin investment, the funny part is my moms is afraid to touch computers, whenever she is on the internet I’m sitting beside her (I’m even doing the typing on the keyboard and scrolling on a webpage)…

I’m sorry for this spam, but I just wanted to share this fun fact. :stuck_out_tongue:
Heee these fees on Masterxchange are getting expensive, it use to be 1 maidsafecoin


You should go, there are much cheaper Maidsafecoins and more liquidity.
Anyway, good luck for your investment~


@19eddyjohn75 I think MasterXchange always had a trading fee of 0.12%, which is rather normal in market I think. They lowered their withdrawal fee from 130 maid to 40 maid a while back. Compared to Poloniex (“There is a 0.2% fee for all trades. There are no fees for withdrawals beyond the transaction fee required by the network.”) it’s not a really expensive place to go, I guess. They deserve a much higher volume though. And currently the prices on Poloniex are lower as @mazide3 is stating also, so more maid per bitcoin. Something to consider.

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+1 for Poloniex - Although my holdings are orders of magnitude smaller than some whales on here, I have never had a problem with this exchange.
A sensible and friendly trollbox too. I have been slipping in wee snippets about Maidsafe progress whch seem to be generally welcomed and not instantly dismissed as pump n dump spam. Genuine sensible Qs were asked, most of which I fielded by linking folk to the .net site and this forum.
Perhaps Poloniex could be tempted to try an early prescence on the SAFE network?


I think that’s exactly what differentiates Poloniex from MasterXchange. I see many many many very small maid trades pass on Poloniex, where MasterXchange deals with tens of thousands of maids in one trade every now and then. So yeah, talking about whales, they would be on MasterXchange by default, I guess. And the traders (the buyers amongst them at least) looking for a good price but not buying in huge amounts, will most probably prefer Poloniex.

Meanwhile it is funny to notice that when I opened my account on MasterXchange last year, it was the other way round: more volume and lower prices on MasterXchange. I’m curious to see what will happen when SAFE Network goes live and the transition to Safecoin has taken place. Will there be more exchanges, will overall volumes rise, will more whales enter the market?


Someday it might be $400,000 dollars, who knows?

400k isn’t a whale by any means. 4 million is a whale.


Im just chuffed to have a couple of k…


Agree. I never felt being a whale anyway lol. :slight_smile:

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@MyLegacyKit you guys miss the point!

No no, we just presumed you previously owned 100 MaidSafeCoins!

Kidding man… :wink:

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There are huge buy orders(more than 100 BTC) in since my post! It seems that some new fans of Maidsafe are coming. In fact, when I follow the Maidsafecoin address of Poloniex(1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh), I find that there are much more withdraws than deposits~~
Now, the price is 0.0000759 BTC, which means that my investment gets 8% profit. @19eddyjohn75 @MyLegacyKit @wes @Southside @luckybit
Cannot hide my smile!
LOL :smile:


Please feel free to allow your cup to overfloweth into

and I promise to keep on keeping on with the tweeting and troll box action :smile:

Its only my waist that is of whale-like proportions, not my portfolio - yet :sweat_smile:

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How did you figured out that there’s more withdraws than deposits? :slight_smile:

Price now looking to break 0.00009 on Poloniex. Dramatic rise overnight. I “parked” last night at 0.00007998 and woke up to a tidy BTC profit that I didnt really want :anguished: