Github commits in 2017

I was reading this article and couldn’t help myself asking, how many commits did Maidsafe have last year?


Many of our repositories have well over 1000 commits, I am sure there is a tool to run against the maidsafe org to get that score. It would dwarf those figures though. In saying that commits can be made very fast and frequent with little benefit, so its not a great measure. I have worked on many things off github this year, but even my own commit count was over several thousand per year for a while, so its not a great count. Many of my personal commits for instance are to sync between machines.

Reviewed pull requests can be a decent count. Routing alone for instance has over 5000 commits in a couple of years. Safe core and the front end stuff will possibly be even higher.


That’s great to hear. Not being a developer, I was wondering whether that could actually be considered a valuable measure of the health of a project, but you answered already…

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You might find this page useful: :slightly_smiling_face:

Or you can also look at pages for individual projects. For example:

You can find many projects that are related to the SAFE Network here.


Thank you @frabrunelle; so, just out of curiosity, these are the numbers I got from openhub for the last 12 months.

NOTE: I’m really not sure about the reliability of these numbers, which don’t seem to match with those from the article, but here you go…

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Commits: 2,776 3,164 308 4,239
Contributors: 50 153 21 186
Files Modified: 1,750 1,221 3,187 2,224
Lines Added: 400,986 109,467 214,557 502,261
Lines Removed 241,503 71,927 767,869 189,613