Git-ssb experiences (Git on Secure Scuttlebutt)

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Indeed, this looks like a great model to inspire from, like Solid.

Edit : working :

How far did you get? (I can’t check the link for a while).

I got sbot and git-ssb working, but git-ssb-web crashes while displaying the first Web page (I get the blue header but not much else).

BTW I had forgotten about this:

@Jimmy_HUGUET are you there? Your time has come!

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It behaves the same for me. I found out that if you don’t reload the page, restart git-ssb web , then click on some repos, it will go ahead and from there it won’t crash more.

One should note that the github hosted version is quite outdated ( Nov 30, 2016 )

If you look at : ( which is a http public ssb git service ) , you will see a few things :

The help on : did work nicely for me.


That’s where I got it all from - but they forgot to mention you also need the ssb-private plugin:

sbot plugins.install ssb-private

Now it works fine. The safe-cli-boilerplate repo is mine :grin:

And I can see your repo too now.

I can’t see how to give myself a nick though.


I created mine using , which seems to install sbot for you. Probably not as fresh as yours in fact.


mmm it seems there are some version discrepancies here and there.
I’m not sure what versions I have for all that stuff. npm can be quite misleading…

I think I broke everything :smiley: time for swiping off everything and start fresh again.

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Here is my setup from scratch in case you want to follow it:

1. Install scuttlebot

npm install -g scuttlebot

Start the server with param to handle large blobs

sbot server --blobs.max 10000000

Alternatively, create default config (or add to existin) so can handle large blobs by adding {“blobs”:{“max”:10000000}}

sbot server

View my id

sbot whoami

Add a pub server from the list

Visit the list:
Click on the web link and accept the invite using sbot invite.accept

sbot invite.accept <invite-code>

3. Install ssb-npm-registry plugin

Might need to wait for the sbot server to run for a bit before trying this. Eventually it worked, but by then I did the following in stages, inserting the $id value into the second line:

id="$(sbot --query '[{"$filter":{"rel":["mentions",{"$prefix":"npm:ssb-npm-registry:"}]}}, {"$map":"dest"} ]'|grep -o '&.*sha256'|tail -n 1)"
sbot plugins.install ssb-npm-registry --from "http://localhost:8989/blobs/get/$id"
sbot plugins.enable ssb-npm-registry

Then restart sbot

After some fails I re-did the the first two lines in stages, assigning id, then echo $id and adding it to the command to do:

sbot plugins.install ssb-npm-registry --from "http://localhost:8989/blobs/get/&XNVccB01y7Ts9/j/+kbbFbfqfKJuyTWBkZSnhccugf4=.sha256"

Installing “ssb-npm-registry”…
+ ssb-npm-registry@1.0.0
added 1 package in 184.441s
“ssb-npm-registry” has been installed. Restart Scuttlebot server to enable the plugin


sbot plugins.enable ssb-npm-registry # restart sbot

4. Install ssb-private plugin

sbot plugins.install ssb-private

Installing “ssb-private”…

> sodium-native@2.1.6 install /tmp/ssb-private/node_modules/ssb-private/node_modules/sodium-native
> node-gyp-build “node preinstall.js” “node postinstall.js”

> leveldown@3.0.2 install /tmp/ssb-private/node_modules/ssb-private/node_modules/leveldown
> prebuild-install || node-gyp rebuild

> level@3.0.2 postinstall /tmp/ssb-private/node_modules/ssb-private/node_modules/level
> opencollective-postinstall || exit 0

Thank you for using level!
If you rely on this package, please consider supporting our open collective:

+ ssb-private@0.2.1
added 123 packages in 22.903s
“ssb-private” has been installed. Restart Scuttlebot server to enable the plugin.

5. Install git-ssb

npm install -g git-ssb --registry=http://localhost:8043/


Publish an existing local git repo

cd ~/src/safe/safe-cli-boilerplate
git ssb create ssb safe-cli-boilerplate

Created repo: ssb://%oaVPNcXmxQ0jb0+5jLDMW7q9U+/q5G8YmYqc49I4Z0g=.sha256 (safe-cli-boilerplate)
Added remote: ssb

git push --tags ssb master

Counting objects: 49, done.
Delta compression using up to 8 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (49/49), done.
Writing objects: 100% (49/49), 45.85 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Total 49 (delta 24), reused 0 (delta 0)
Decoding objects: 100% (49/49)
Published %vo9NgflX47GzUQFbmBna0FA/G6qGmGw3s5LaJX0IWLw=.sha256
Pushing blobs…
To ssb:%oaVPNcXmxQ0jb0+5jLDMW7q9U+/q5G8YmYqc49I4Z0g=.sha256//
* [new branch] master -> master
* [new tag] v0.0.1 -> v0.0.1

Clone it

cd ~/safe
git clone ssb://%oaVPNcXmxQ0jb0+5jLDMW7q9U+/q5G8YmYqc49I4Z0g=.sha256  ssb-test-repo-clone

Cloning into ‘ssb-test-repo-clone’…
Receiving objects: 100% (49/49), 45.85 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (24/24), done.
Checking connectivity… done.

Fork a git-ssb repo you have already cloned:


cd ~/safe/ssb-test-repo-clone
git ssb fork mine
# edit and commit, then push changes:
git push mine

Run the web server for browsing repos:

git ssb web

By the way, patchwork seems to be working, just taking forever (hours) to sync, but it has set my nick as happybeing here.