Getting us listed

I’ve been thinking, only briefly though so bear with me.

We’re trying to get listed on exchanges, triple A in particular. The problem is, we have no working product (yet), we only have 1 exchange with relative low volume compared to other projects and on top of all that, we’re in a bull market and exchanges are running overtime answering requests.

It made me wonder how much chance we have getting listed on a triple A exchange the regular way. But what if we can draw their attention some other way?

After the BambooGarden Fund got set up I thought maybe we should setup some sort of exchange listing fund. Community members can donate, the first triple A exchange to list us will take the entire fund. We could reach out to several media trying to draw attention: “Maidsafe community sets up exchange listing fund”, 1 week later: "maidsafe community fund hits $40.000 within a week.

Maybe I’m being to optimistic here, maybe media doesn’t care and nobody will pick up. But once/if they do, it might become really interesting real fast for an exchange to list us.

What do you guys think, might be worth brainstorming to optimize the idea? Or is this one of those times where I think my ideas are amazing but turns out to be total crap (happens quite often :stuck_out_tongue:)


Its going to be hard to get listed without a working project. I like the idea but think it would be better to focus on this once beta launches. People need stuff to play with before they want to but skin in the game. At least people you can’t see the true vision of what SAFE will enable.

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I think it would be best to wait until beta and have real safe tokens.

Otherwise, post beta, which isn’t too far away, there will be even more token confusion. (even more as there is a safecoin on coinmarketcap).

IMO, we need to keep it simple and be patient.


Thanks for walking out on a limb and raising this question, @Mightyfool. In general, I think community support for exchange listing is necessary and would go a long way. Making smooth the path to Beta requires increasing interest and liquidity now, which requires an expanded exchange footprint. Without a beta or mainnet release, however, I think the focus for any community listing fund should likely be targeting reputable but second tier exchanges.

Triple A exchanges like Coinbase and Binance would be very expensive and likely even impossible to get right now. However, exchanges like KuCoin or Probit, etc. would be less costly and more attainable. A community listing fund could also help to enlist market-making to provide liquidity to and revitalize the MAID market.

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How about FTX exchange? It seems to be getting pretty big, and might be good to push them before they get very big.

FTX splits their US vs. Global Markets. Do you know what their listing requirements are? Also, do you know anyone that works for the exchange?

My brothers friend has a connection high up at FTX. I’ll see if my brother can find out.

If we get the wrapped maid that could make it more likely to get on some of these exchanges.