Getting started

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this project, but very enthusiast.
My knowledge are quite limited as a web developer (i’ve been mostly working on php/mysql + js/jquery scripts), but I can understand the essentials.
I understand that the safe network will allow everyone to share their storage and processing power.
My question is how can you get involved right now? Can anyone participate to the alpha testing?
I would love to give some of my resources to help you with the tests, and to help me understand in practice how it will work, testing the apps.
Also, as i am a web developer who’s actually working a lot with wordpress, I’m wondering if there will be ways to export a wordpress to safepress?


Welcome. You can definitely contribute, everyone can really. If you want to help test, first get to trust level 1 (basic user) on this forum, and then follow the instructions for starting with Test 19 here (it also includes a link about getting to trust level 1):

To visit websites in SAFEnetwork all you need is the browser. See this topic for websites that are on test 19. To upload a website you use the Web hosting manager (see the Test 19 topic above).

Regarding there is no development activity at the moment, but you can create a static copy of a WordPress website using a plugin and upload that. This would be nice for you to try and post a ‘how to’ if you like.


Hi happybeing,

Thank you for your quick and very helpful answer! I will look into this this week end.
And I’d be happy to create a how to !


So I made some tests yesterday, but sadly, I reached the maximum operation on my account before I was able to have something working.
There were still calls to links using http protocol so everytime I was trying to access the website through the SAFE browser, it would open my firefox.
Plus, I made a mistake the first time so I had to delete and reupload all the files, which used a lot of my available operations for nothing.
Anyway, I also tested the others available website, and it was working like a charm. It was amazing to think that those websites were hosted on multiple machines, encrypted and fragmented.

It is also exciting to think that with the safenet, we will be able to host our websites and create our own domains and extensions(or is it exclusive to the tests?), for free (as long as your share enough processing power and storage), and as easily.

However, I’m wondering how the domain and extension creation will be managed and limited, because it will be abused if it is possible to create unlimited extensions and domains.

And we definitely need something like wordpress for people to create content on the safenet, I do think that this is really a key for the safenet to be massively adopted!


I believe @happybeing has been working on something along these lines …
Edit: I should have read the full thread before posting!


There’s very little activity on SAFEpress and it was never something I could do without a team and someone with better web skills than mine, but I hope this may happen, whether under the SAFEpress ‘brand’ or not. For the time being though my meagre time is directed towards enabling RemoteStorage.js apps to run on SAFE. Anyone interested in either by all means get in touch.


@JPL I didn’t know @happybeing was behind, that’s a lot of work for only one man. I understand now why there is no development activity. I wish I had time and actual skills to help.
Anyway, thanks to JPL, I was able to finish my tests.
I made a quick test, and generated a static copy using the plugin “WP Static HTML Output”. You can check it out here: safe://

There were “external” calls to 2 files using http protocol, with the “twenty seventeen” theme:

I don’t know if it’s worth a “how to”, what do you think? Also, depending on what plugins and theme you’re using, there might be a lot more links to add to “Additional Urls” under the plugin options.


Great stuff @bobibrown - definitely worth its own “How to…” topic. I might have a go at migrating a WordPress website myself now you’ve plotted the course. If you write it up I’m sure more will follow.

Quite a few have asked about moving existing websites to SAFEnetwork so we will get more wanting to do this when alpha2 and subsequent networks are stable for longer durations, and I expect a deluge when we reach beta, so testing this out and documenting it in good time is very worthwhile.

Once that is in place, some bright spark will come up with a way to make comments work, and then editing pages, then creating posts, and so on. Before you know it well have a clunky SAFEpress! :slight_smile:


Very helpful guidance for newbie like me! Thank you so much happybeing.


Spying on @frabrunelle lead me to this:

Would be quite a usable solution for hardened WordPress users, especially those who build websites and are comfortable running a local web server with WordPress installed (which is actually not that hard these days with tools such as AMPPS, a Softaculous website package manager that you can run on your PC).