Getting Started with JavaScript - A Hello World example

For absolute beginners or anyone who just wants to get a sense of what JavaScript is.

JavaScript is mentioned a lot on the forum because it is the language of a SAFE Web App (which also uses with HTML and CSS). Most of the example desktop apps are also written in it, so this is fundamental to understanding how most apps are and probably will be built for SAFE Network.

This is a very simple get started article, which should be a good starting point. Don’t be afraid to have a go and ask ‘dumb’ questions here. There are no dumb questions, only the questions you need to ask in order to get help, and I and others will be happy to answer them and guide you through to your first simple JavaScript app.

The article below even includes how to download and install an editor, which you will need to create (write) your JavaScript program. They use Atom editor (which I recommend having recently switched to it myself :slight_smile:) but you can of course use the editor of your choice - so long as it can save files as plain text. But programming editors like Atom are the best as they know about the code and can even show you errors before you try to run your program.


And once you’ve created your Hello World program, bookmark this link for a few helpful resources:


Thanks so much!!! It’s just what I needed!! I was learning on my own but not knowing where to start


Well, you have Trust Level 1 (basic user) so get that “Hello World” app up on Alpha2! :slight_smile: Ask if here you need help. And if you achieve it, maybe write a short description to follow on from the OP link, showing people how to get the App up from a beginner’s point of view? Just a thought, no pressure. Most important: enjoy the learning.


Bless you, Mark!

I’ve been in flux, but I’ll dig into this in the next couple days.

I did a bit of poking with JavaScript some time ago to try to “learn programming” but didn’t have a mentor, so went adrift and got lost amongst the waves. Perhaps I’ll make a bit more progress now.