Getting Rid of the Corporate World

The state is an abstraction of the city which binds cities together and the corporation is an abstraction of the state which acts to bind states together. But these abstractions are unecessary. These middlemen and their gentrification can be removed.

Its a matter of maturity. The idea of the ‘president’ or of an ‘executive’ is stupid. Like a brain that had devolved its function to a single cell or hand full of cells. It casts people into a role where they are supposed to aspire to tell others what to do or reduce their volition. That this is some how desirable, is just promotion of cult. We are moving in a direction where people might take on the stupid meaningless corporate names as their sir names i.e., John Exxon, as they once did their townships. It would be better to go back in the direction of matrilineal naming conventions.

If we do get something like strong scaleable AI it seems likely it would quickly dispatch states and corporations. It doesnt have to function on the logic of fear over sustainance or survival or even growth.

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It is always nice when all 148 people on the plane try to fly it…

Good times.

Or 148 people who developed a system that allows for driverless cars that do better then even pro drivers at not running over children and pets. And better than human pilots in dog fights and better than human checkers and tellers with accuracy and reducing theft and prices while potentially increasing profit efficiency- but also unemployment. The work of those 148 keeps on working. With states and corporates gone work hrs will have to decrease quite a bit to spread work based opportunity and contribution around.

If the tubulin quantum theory of conciousness holds up the a single neuron might be able to be rewired to fly better than a human airliner pilot but it seems most humans would want the full pilot in the loop and the full complement of neurons, There is also a sea slug that develops a brain when it needs one and then consums it.

Well, you still need the state or a similar “abstraction” in some way.
You cannot give each city 100% automomy, that would be chaos. Each city having different rules and regulation doesn’t sound fun. Different legal codes, safety regulation, driving regulation.

Yes it seems the problem of hierarchy developed in cities and down to their simple rules they’ve been problematic to say the least. Some earlier cultures used to regularly sacrifice the ‘leaders’ which probably helped balance the deep affront of any kind of leadership notion. The current leader isnt a visionary, isnt a surgeon, isnt a pilot or even a general (worst example) but is the product of fashion, salesman and cult, something that code can replace.

Televangelists and the MBA are symptoms not solutions. Mind control was at best a wrong means. The corporate world is beginning in kindergarden, its mass behavioral lobotomy. Its the same higher form of murder that slavery through monarchy was.