Getting rid of puppet media would get rid of 'terrorism'

On the one hand puppet media spins terrorism to make it seem believable. On the other more legitmate media which puppet media and its enclosure drowns out would expose terrorism for wag-the-dog the fraud that it is. Was the IRA talked about as terrorism? No, in part because they weren’t brown people and in part because the cause was real and not some false flag bs.

Think of the recent event in CA and then the phoney captured sailor stunt with Iran. Its the kind of total phoney stuff that working media would pin on the culprits. Puppet media is the core of criminality.

Why would they lie? I think Paris was quite clear, some folks abusing a religion to kill people. Same for CA. I don’t think the color of the people mattered. well, it does with the Oscars they say :grinning:.

There is no liberal media in the US anymore. The loss of the fairness doctrine took us hard right in media and politics, but the right side where its rule by money. The left is being purged. Even to token loss leaders that allowed to continued destruction of media are gone including Olberman, Colbert, soon Stewart, Maher, soon less Oliver. The phoney media won’t cover anything but Democrats (Right of Regan) and Republicans (ultra right puppets.) censors Sanders the independent even when most Amerucans are independents. When Zell purchased the LA times he told the journalists if they are anything other than corporate shills they would be fired, he kept his word.

Journalists have said they are being gagged by editors and cannot discuss anything of importance. ALEC bypasses legislatures and allows firms to directly write laws. Citizens United and new gerrymamdering go further., vote rigging etc. People who are openly hostile to the population and whom the population hates, people who are in no way representative are being jammed into power slots.

The US does not have anything like a free press any more it has a propaganda loudspeaker. Paris, the sailors and CA were just more propaganda in support of the money puppet agenda. When Trump started criticizing media the cooked up a phoney story where two journalists were shot by you guessed it a black man. Of money puppetry starts slipping rig some scenes of journalists beheadings. But if Wikileaks shows actual journalists being hunted by gunships with puppet masters well the people behind this actual journalism are framed for sex crimes and despite not neing subject yo US law are supposed to be extradited and face capital punishment by a closed door military tribunal and possibly face torture in Gitmo because actual journalists are terrorists who cost the lives of spooks. But puppet masters who expose people like Valerie Plame for trying to stop a phoney war (highest crime against humanity Nuremburg) well thats classified.

We lost Glass Stegel because we lost the Fairness Doctrine. But we never ever should have allowed sponsored media- fake by definition. Sponsorship is purest essence of money overriding the democracy that was meant to check it.