Getting listed on Binance

Can’t believe they charge so much to even list. I’d not have started the thread if I’d known. I’m sure there are plenty of others out there, at the end of the day an exchange makes its money from transaction fee’s, surely that’s enough for them.


Sounds like market manipulation, that can’t be legal?

A lot of things in crypto would be illegal if they were done in relation to shares or other mainstream assets.

There is some real problems and threats to serious projects and to investments. I quess these exchanges are located in countries where corruption is common. If poloniex would manipulate markets and the agencies find out about it, there would be life sentences for those activities. Gaming the market can only benefit projects that are not serious. Serious projects gets hurt by not getting the spotlight they deserve, possibility of of the whole market colapsing, goverments bans crypto markets because of to much manipulation. I think exchanges that manipulate markets should get exposed and flushed out, if possible, because in medium to long term I think it has serious chance to hurt good and serious projects, investments and the market.


I certainly believe the team is weighing all pros and cons of listings, and I hope they continue being the project-driven team they are, rather than chasing profits. That being said, I think listing on a few more exchanges would be great to attract people to test the alphas and beta, as well as an increase in marketing presence, but it seems that’s all on the way.

Continue the great work guys.

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Reading this thread was really interesting and revealing to me, I never knew crypto currencies are straight up paying to get listed on exchanges… Do all exchanges operate like this? They make a ton from trade fees, why should a coin be burdened to pay off an exchange to get listed. Seems silly. A coin should be added to an exchange because of its worth and demand from the public and the exchanges desire to integrate with the crypto, not the other way around! I would not give them a dime if I created a truly unique crypto currency. We can start an arbitrary trade bot on the forum that does coin swap requests between users ourselves at market rates heh.


Also some markets in some regions work the way they do and nothing can be done about it except to adapt, find workarounds, risk minimise and so on. As from Jurassic park “life finds a way”. I hope and think that the Maidsafe team will take
precautions and consult with lawyers and market specialists when and if needed.

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Ah don’t worry too much, from day 1 22nd Feb 2006 we have moved quickly and in unexpected ways to the amazement of experts and professionals. We have a habit of working it out, even though sometimes its a bit rough (see crowdsale) but our route so far has been “against all odds”, I think that will continue and we will still be standing :wink: .


Because the exchange can and the coin people want their coin to moon so they pay. So then legit coins are held to ransom in effect.

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That is ridiculous… Besides we are on the two best Western exchanges (Polo / Bittrex) . Make a finished product before selling out to exchanges to get your coin listed on them(if you MUST, otherwise let the product and demand speak for itself)… Just the thought of paying off exchanges to get listed screams shitcoin in my head :expressionless: . I am sure for investors who bought in 5-6 years ago the wait gets old but jeesh that is just a testament of bowing down to an entity that should not have that right over you… Especially while the coin is in its infancy and has not reached anything close to what I consider market potential. Would be a shame to pay off an exchange. Let the price sit where it may without artificially shilling it around to any exchange that accepts coin “bribes”…


IT would be a good thing for the project and me :smiley:

Nothing wrong with pumping the price as long as it’s done in a legitimate way. In other words, cry out when MaidSafe claims safecoin goes life tonight when that isn’t really the case, not when they attempt to list MAID in another exchange.
Lets not forget MaidSafe owns MAID coins and the higher their value, the greater the funding the project can rely on.

Actually you will find its the foundation that owns the 3 or 4 big amounts (IIRC). And Maidsafe can only loan them or the foundation pays Maidsafe for something they do for them

So the price is only really important for the working amount of SAFEcoin that MAIDsafe have

I did not realise that, thanks for clarifying!

To be listed on big Exchanges Will be costly, But don’t forget that it is a big marketing tool. You Will reach a very big audience, that Will be possible the new users of Maidsafe.


some few thinks i did not understand. To list maidsafe on Binance you need to inject some coins on exchange ? + entrance fees ? If yes Do you have coin in stock to send on platform ? + 100000 dollars cash ? Can you explain how it works because it’s complicate, thanks. 100000 dollars entrance fees seems to be very big…

Yes, you may need to pay a listing fee and over and above that you need to provide liquidity (coins for sale as the exchange doesn’t have any), and in addition they sometimes also look for airdrops (free coin giveaways) to be provided by the company to their traders. In some cases the exchanges forgo the listing fees if you put £50 - £100k into airdrops.


Nick, was the new Upbit listing organic or did you work to have that done?
I saw nothing mentioned in updates so assume it happened without all the wheeling and dealing exchanges seem to be after.


That was organic, Josh. Good that some exchange still work this way!