Getting listed on Binance

I know it’s been mentioned in a few topics. But thought I’d start one anyway. How can MAID be listed on Binance? What needs to be done? How can the community aid or help? I’ve looked at the site, but it needs to be a direct application from MAID with the looks of it. Crypto is really going wild out there. I think MAID is missing out big time due to low volumes on the current, pretty poor exchanges.

I know this goes against the whole ethos of what MAID is and represents (trying to pump the price), but it would be nice to see some more recognition across a few more exchanges!

Or just tell me to shut up and carry on as you were.


I like your Idea, It would be great to see maid on binance! I can help whatever It needs, hope others too!


Funny part on binance registration:

I never solve this puzzle in FF, Chrome on my both PCs. Give up.

You have to fill out their application. I believe Binance also throws a monthly polls called Community Coin of the Month, where people can vote for the coin they would love to see listed on the exchange (for free).

Every vote costs about 0.1 BNB though. So it’s not that free.

I don’t think anyone would complain about MAID being listed on Binance per se. I sure wouldn’t. But I don’t think this is the priority on anyone’s radar. I also don’t think MAID supporters are necessarily reluctant to everything that rises the MAID price. It’s just that they consider empty hype futile.

I have some information regarding thing which I heard from another coin forum. The fee to list any coin in Binance is around $100K as per my information. And if you get shortlisted in community coin per month that also costs due to voting which costs 0.1 BNB per vote.

As per last session Raiblocks won with 12,945 votes i.e. 1,294.5 BNB which costs around $23.5K at current price.

However if I may add, the volume and numbers of users in Binance is really huge. I am using this platform since the beginning and its really really better as compare to the other few I used. If we can list Maid in Binance I am sure that it would be 2-3 fold very shortly.


Would I be able to buy maid directly with €$£ ?

Ideally MAID would rise in price so the community would be able to donate to the listing.

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Wrote them about Maidsafecoins and if they can add it. I posted the response in the Price and Trading topic but I can post it here once again.

Due to the overwhelming surge in user registrations and trading activity, it has taken longer than usual to respond to your ticket. We have updated our FAQs with more details. You can try search for the relevant FAQ in Majority of our users are able to find resolution through this method.

If you still require customer support agent to assist you, please submit a new request. Remember to be precise in picking the Issue Type as this will greatly expedite the support process.

We have a large number of requests waiting and are working around the clock to resolve them as fast as we can. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Sincerely Binance JP Support - Michele

Tried to deposit some XRP on Binance until now it doesn’t show up. Someone has a
similar issue or experience with that?

I am not sure about fiat pair but pair with BTC, ETH and BNB might be possible.

Who take the decision to list maidsafe on Binance or other plateform. I follow some coin and for exemple monaco has been several listed in many exchange in very short period. Maybee if we have more visibility it can can be better for maidsafe.

I am not sure who takes decision. Any comments @dirvine

Good call. Also, in light of how other coins, like Monaco, have handled this, I think getting listed on exchanges is often under marketing’s purview. @SarahPentland mentioned that @Maidsafe was looking into this:

At any rate, I think it’s worth looping in the marketing team, so adding @dugcampbell too. Maybe they can provide their perspective :slight_smile:


Nothing we can announce at this stage I’m afraid. However, as soon as we have relevant news, we’ll let everyone know. Definitely doesn’t do any harm for people to make those suggestions to their exchanges of choice though I wouldn’t have thought :slight_smile:


Binance is the goal, IF maidsafe doesnt have any intentions to be on binance than you are ignoring the biggest audience out there. Big misstake.

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It is a goal and probably an important one, but not the only goal in terms of exchanges. Nobody should suggest we drop all current negotiations with exchanges (and their huge costs/prices) and target only one single one. Each exchange we add will mean the others are more receptive, so there are talks and moves with many exchanges and there should be. Many options in this case are good albeit very very expensive.

So yes it is a big one and a target, nobody is suggesting it is not. The team are on a few deals right now so lets see what happens, good to hear the feedback, but lets keep it real.


How long have the talks been going on with the exchanges? Or have they just started?

You should not lookat it aS expensive cost , ITs an investment, pure business from binance’s side, everyone would do the same. Seems like each of listed coins on binance doesnt regret the decision to join…

It is expensive and we simply would not have the money to go on all the exchanges at the prices they quote. If we pre-mined a ton of coins yea sure, but it is expensive. We try our best, but remember this is not more cash for the project, probably less cash actually as it will take most of our coins to do this, then what ? Great we have a ton of happy traders but no chance of completion of the project. So yes I do consider it expensive and a risk, as well as a fantastic thing for supporters. i…e its a balance and serious business decisions have to be made.


$100,000 to list a coin is highway robbery. I couldn’t agree more with David. Binance makes coins explode but it’s just not realistic yet. Perhaps with some leverage and showing it’s a long term successful project and coin they’ll consider dropping the fee a little. Binance is prolly a flash in the pan in the scheme of things anyways.


There are many hidden costs, such as you pay the fee then provide millions of $ in liquidity to get the market moving. So it means a sell off of coins into a market to move it, but sellling means the supply/demand is scewed and you are playing the trading game. So there is much more behind the scenes with these exchanges.


Sounds even worse. Ick, not the game I’d want to play.

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