German parliament completely wrecked from cyber-attack

here’s the article (german only)

tl;dr: german parliament was victim of a cyber-attack recently. malware was found and data has
been stolen and sent elsewhere (russian secret service suspected). what’s crazy is that weeks
after the incident they still couldn’t fix the problem and are now contemplating not only installing
all software again but also exchanging all hardware. cost would be millions and the parliament non-
operational for a while (that might actually be a good thing… ;))

could be a good selling point if one wanted to apply for european funding for projectSAFE at some point…

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The problem is that the people who decide these things aren’t the security-conscious engineers they should be, but rather completely technotarded politicians and business people. I can hear the objections now: “But it’s new. We want something with a proven track-record!” “I don’t trust this open sores development, anyone can see the code to exploit the weaknesses!” “But what about [insert buzzword here]? Is it [buzzword]?”

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But… But… We had a firewall!