Geographic Profiling of SAFE Nodes

I have had a couple of ideas about this that might be of interest to the developer community.

Geographic profiling, i.e., identifying the region where a vault is located, is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, for the sake of minimizing network latency, you might want to build a network consisting of nodes mainly within a country, and therefore within a particular language group. That is especially the case where the connectivity within the region is better than from that region to the rest of the world. For example, the Seoul region of South Korea is mainly fiber to the premises (if I got that wrong, someone should feel free to correct me. They are reputed to have fantastic speed there, anyway).

Anyway, it should be easy to patch a vault so that it does a reverse lookup of IPs that request connection, and only accept those from, say, a particular top-level domain, or some identifiably regional subnet, say a subnet known to belong to a national ISP.

What do people think of this idea, and its implications?

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I was thinking about this some time ago, maybe even connect closely to some nodes from your ISP. But I think routing prevents this. Chunks might see 4 or 5 hops before they reach destinations. Going from Japan, to US and finally to Germany to end up in another node in Germany.

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That why my initial thought was that to do this you would need to build such a network up from node 1, with a special, regional-flavored release of the vault binary. If all the nodes are in the region, then routing has only nodes in that region to select from.

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Wouldn’t this completely erase security and privacy of the network?
I would think exposing IPs on the actually network would be one of the last things the devs would want to do…unless I am missing something…


No, it wouldn’t reveal any additional identifying information. Your IP is already known to your close group, and that would still be the case with such a patched vault. But if the binary only accepts connections from a region (and, I should have added, from vaults running the same binary) then you get an entirely regional network.

hmmm…but wouldnt a company or government be able to just get a list of any IP using SAFE and go harass them or target them with ads or something? Or even take that list of IPs to an ISP and ask for names and addresses?


Yes, of course, so the choice of network to join would depend on such considerations. Most people might end up joining the default, global SAFEnet because they have no reason to do otherwise.


Ahh…im with you now…lol…little slow on the uptake. :slight_smile:

Geographic profiling as long as it is for optimizing traffic. But I hope we avoid providing this info to app developpers: lot of web content these days are restricted based on users location, something which is against the values promoted by the network.

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