I do, but to me that’s not enough to call myself a freedom fighter. Semantics, I guess.

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The issue I find most disturbing with the nothing to hide from a perspective of people living in areas of oppression is that what is fine today may not be fine tomorrow. EG people here have had communications/business with certain people on a level that was perfectly legal at the time. Really not even morally wrong in any sense. But the other person is deemed a terrorist and those who in the past communicated with him are found to be put into the 2 weeks detention with no reason (its a law here to allow it) And actually illegal for anyone to be told about it, its a really bad law.

How much worse would it be in Russia.


We’re way off the original topic here, but this is my topic, and I welcome the discussion. Hoc volo, sic iubeo!

I don’t know much about Australia, but my understanding is that things are going straight to hell over there, as they are in most other places. Still, bad laws are different from bad shelling or bad torture. And I do understand that one bad thing can easily lead to other bad things.

Please don’t make too much of the “nothing to hide” thing I wrote above. I wouldn’t be hanging out on this forum, if privacy wasn’t important to me. I’m just trying to understand the psychology of people living under acutely bad regimes.

Of course I feel for the people of Ukraine (including Donetsk and Luhansk). I just don’t happen to know anybody there personally. When it comes to Russia, I’m worried about the people close to me. Things are bad now, and I don’t think a straight out civil war, with everything that entails, is out of the question.

I believe a peaceful demonstrator in Russia currently officially gets fined the first two times they mention the word “war”. The third time can get them a 15-year prison sentence. I have a lot of understanding for people who are simply too afraid to risk 15 years in a Russian prison camp. And I think that anybody who doesn’t, simply lacks imagination.

It’s not that people who don’t demonstrate or take up arms, be it a gun or a computer, think that everything is “fine”. But they still have to get their children their daily bread. And many are frozen stiff with fear which, of course, is the whole purpose of the terror imposed.

Personally, I’m not afraid of getting a bullet in the head. It’s a good death that I myself have given many a creature. I am, however, afraid of getting a bullet in the stomach or, even worse, being taken prisoner.