Geo blocking in Australia

Will Maidsafe by pass the Australian ISP geo blocking ???

Hi and Welcome @Jarrod to the community forum.

I do not know of any Australian ISP Geo Blocking. Even the government advisory is for Australians to use tools to bypass geo blocking if they wish to access overseas content. It is the opinion of the AU government that bypassing geo blocks is not illegal or morally wrong.

Are you referring to say netflix stopping Australians from accessing their USA content? If so then SAFE will not because SAFE does not access traditional web sites. SAFE is its own network built upon the internet so it will not access the likes of Netflix or BBC etc until those companies build sites on the SAFE network.

Now if you mean ISP blocking then SAFE will bypass any ISP blocking to access the global SAFE network/sites. The only way to stop it is to stop all encrypted traffic and good luck with that.


Thanks Mate for a great response, i guess I was trying to ascertain if the
network bypasses attempts by ISP/ governments to regulate how people use
the net to maximise profits. I’m not extremely clued up on this but from
what I gather Decentalisation of a network is what people probably think
they have already but maidsafe actually gives it to them. I’m looking
forward to being on this ride either way. Cheers