General questions from a noob

Some general queries I had as a relative noob to this, but as someone who sees potential here.

  1. If we hold MAID/eMAID, we will be able to swap to Safe Network Token (SNT) for a 1-1 swap. Does that mean that SNT is intended to be tradeable on CEXs/DEXs as MAID/eMAID is currently? Therefore is buying ‘cheaply’ now more beneficial in the future for use on the Safe Network when it’s launched?

  2. In the latest investor email it was mentioned about ‘going on the road’, what does this look like?

  3. Realistically, how far away are we from launch? It’s been as long as it has been, but progress in Geneva seems positive, would the suggestion that 2023 is Maidsafe’s/Safe Network’s year be appropriate, or are we still years away?

  4. How will people ‘purchase’ SNT when Safe Network is live? If it’s through the Safe Network itself, that means that at some point, we’ll have to connect to our tradfi bank/payment system, which contains personal information, to the Safe Network interface. How can it be truly anonymous if we have to integrate in some capacity? Especially considering future regulatory developments.

  5. Will MAID/eMAID be retired when the swap to SNT happens? Will SNT be purchasable on CEXs/DEXs, or will we have to purchase MAID/eMAID, and then swap to SNT on the Safe Network itself?

Apologies if any of this is obvious information, but I’m keen to understand as I support the intention. Also, I apologise if some of the questions are inherently confusing or I have misunderstood.

Thanks kindly.


Yes correct

That will be up to the people running the centralised exchanges and up to being setup on the others.
It will be the demand that will cause this to happen. SNT itself is a “in-network” token unlike most other crypto coins that live on the markets to be traded and also as a medium of exchange. EG BTC

Considering the cheapness of (e)MAID it would seem now is a good time to buy, especially if one intends to use SNT on the network. But only up to what one is comfortable putting away till the day (or for trading (e)MAID)

Not sure what you mean here and I doubt I could answer anyhow

This is the 64$ question. The indication at the moment is that we are a lot closer than ever with testnets using close to beta code are working to some extent. Doubt though it could be within 6 months till launch based on what would need to be done in finalising things in order to launch. But within 2 years is a common perception based on what we see today, but is still an unreliable guess.

Exchanges will simply run a client and have SNT “wallets” they receive/send SNT. From there it is like any other coin or token, its numbers in their trading system.

The method for buying SNT will depend on the exchange platform methods. Some allow credit/debt cards or bank-accounts to add dollars to a person’s account and some just trade coins/tokens.

The responsibility for KYC or whatever is on the exchanges when the person joins and/or buys SNT. The network itself is simply a network using “in-network” tokens which does not require the KYC stuff.

As above that is up to the exchange you use, and if you must be anon then do person to person style of exchange. But of course at some level you are not truly anon, but you can be really close to anon.

(e)MAID will exist if some people do not exchange it. But I’d expect that once the majority is exchanged then exchanges will retire the token and use SNT instead. A business decision by them not the network/Maidsafe

AFAIK the swap 1:1 (e)MAID:SNT will be available for a long time, maybe forever.

As above I’d expect that there will be exchanges that will enable you to buy SNT once they convert from (e)MAID to SNT

[EDIT: I’d expect that any (e)MAID an exchange is holding for itself and its customers will be exchanged by the exchange for SNT on behalf of the customers and SNT trading only will start once that is done. IE they will close accepting (e)MAID or sending it one day then do the exchange with the SAFE network, and after that change the token name to SNT and open sending/receiving SNT. Hopefully the exchange will advertise this in time for people to remove their (e)MAID if they want before this process]


According to what I read in the updates, comments from developers, likes given to comments by them and a little imagination… the idea seems to be that it launches this year, but we already know about the complexity of this project…
my bet it is in september :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hate to say it, but I think those estimates are way too optimistic.

Maybe we’ll get a long term stable test net in those time frames. But that’s only the first step. It seems reasonable that the project will likely need years and years of beta testing to ensure it can continue to run in any reasonable scenario. There are so many moving parts that aren’t even implemented in the test nets yet to any significant degree.

I agree that it’s encouraging that there are more test nets going up these days, but it’s nowhere near ready to be relied on as a storage system.


It would be a lot more encouraging if a lot more folk would join in :wink:

Dont be afraid to ask for help - we are a friendly bunch mostly :slight_smile: and honest questions are welcomed.

Always remember, the only stupid question is the one you didnt ask - cos chances are there is someone else waiting for that answer too - so you help at least two people when you ask the question.