General questions about the SAFE Network and Safe Browser

Hi guys, I’m new here. If someone can help me to understand this questions I would be very grateful.

  1. Is it possible to access regular websites (like via the Safe Browser?
  2. Does it have a cost to create a website inside the network (for instance: safe://mywebsite.coolname)? If yes, is it a one time payment or something that needs to be renewed?
  3. Is there any search engine (like Google) to find the Safe websites?
  4. Will the current websites be deleted when the Safe Fleming/Maxwell is launch or it’s possible to develop something now that will stay on the network in the next phases?
  5. When the project says that dApps will be paid in SAFE coins for utility, does it include websites? (Sorry if I’m confusing things, I don’t know if a dApp is a concept different from website)
  6. I know the Safe coins will work for real only in the Maxwell phase, but I would like to know about the Fleming functionalities. Will the Fleming be a live functional network with test coins or it will be a test/POC network only? I mean, will be possible to see all the main concepts of the SAFE Network project for real (live Vaults, data storage, etc.)?

Thank you in advance!


Hello - and welcome!

No - for security reasons they are separate

Yes, uploading data has a cost, it’s a one time payment.

Not yet, but there are people working on that!

Yes, all testnets before Beta/MVP/Fleming will be deleted.

Possibly - this is an ongoing debate, not finalised yet.

It will be an MVP, so just bare functionality. AFAIK live Safecoin will be part of that MVP - but not 100% on that.


Thank you very much for the answers! I’m also trying to understand how the internet works and how the Safe Network connections will be different from this: How Does the Internet Work?
Is there any article explaining the common points and differences about TCP/IP, ISP…?

It is maybe oversimplified, but you can imagine Safenetwork, as a layer between IP stack and Applications. The IP layer allow to comunicate with any computer in the Internet (kind of), but your app has to know the specific computers you want to comunicate with and they have to be online and have capacity to comunicate with you.
Safenetwork takes care of what is where and makes sure there are enough copies for everything to be online and available. On Safenetwork your app comunicates not with specific computers, but with one virtual entity, that has all the data and services for you.



Chapters 2 - 4 of the Primer might help.


SAFE uses QUIC, which runs on UDP

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