General moderation talk / interventions

A topic to discuss moderation in certain topics. Mods can use this one to move moderation talk from the frontpage to discuss it here…

@BIGbtc As I told you before, if there are problems with posts you can flag them. Also namecalling isn’t allowed.

What use is there in reporting if no action is taken?

If people flag a post we discuss the flag and decide wether we think we should act on it or not. If there doesn’t follow any action after flagging something we decided to keep the post as it was posted.

I don’t know if you cannot read between the lines, or if you don’t care, but a veiled assassination threat not being removed is just absurd.

Please PM me that post and it will be deleted immidiately. If you want to continue this subject we need to move it to META so we don’t interrupt the original topic.

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