General Kelly on compromising on slavery is about petrol

General Kelly on compromising on slavery i.e. a right to exploit- this is coming up because too many people realize that fuel/energy petrol for a long time now has been, because of its property model, about turning people into property. He is leaking the arguement that instead of the death penalty for petrol fuel/energy and other attempts to enslave everyone at risk of extinction we should be more understanding and compromise with evil and accept oppression’s right to exist. Can’t accept that right to exist and cannot bargain with what has no legitimate power or authority in the first place. Maybe if after the civil war the slave owners of the South were subject to 10 years of public prision slavery (just for them- practice kept alive momentarily just for them) they would have got the point and their ideological lineage wouldn’t be alive in petrol today. Hows that for compromise? And yet maybe actions of people like the Kochs are just a symptom of the corrupting influence of that property based public enclosure model. Either way can’t have public officers shilling for great chain of being elitism. The source of terror is the petrol property model and resultant culture.