Geek art - many files

NRS:FilesContainer is obvious enough for a normal website.
That is, you have a PublicName linked to a folder that is FilesContainer.

So, in a FilesContainer you could choose to not have an index.html and then all files can be considered equal.

TIL on SAFE you can have NRS:File as a single page website, which could link to other instances of NRS:File which together make a website, where all files are equal and accessible as website pages.

So, this website has no head!.. and yet has many.
safe://medusa-head1 == safe://medusa-head2 == safe://gorgona

You could of course have unbranded xorurl files linked as a website too.

One step beyond would be many authors linking pages rather than sites.

Tickled my interest as one step beyond the normal. The branding of website domains helps us forget the fluid nature of what is linked is one beast!