GDAL & Mapserver/Geoserver support?

Hi, I’m kinda new here, but intruiged by the potential of this evolution in secure communcation.

Being I’m a bit of a GIS geek, I’m hoping to learn some of the API on the way to creating an app with geospatial related functionality.

At the core of many GIS software applications sits GDAL ( - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library), and normally I’d use python to code with it. Is this supported by SAFE? If not, is there a way it could be ported over?

Mapserver ( and Geoserver ( are popular for delivering Web Map Service (WMS) layers. I’ve been experimenting a little with them (working via localhost), but unsure how they would work on SAFE, as once published they are based on being hosted on a server which as I understand it is not how things work around here.

If anyone could offer insight on use of the above within SAFE, or links to similar projects, it would be greatly appreaciated.


I think you would need to have whatever region specific data you want to show stored at different places in the network. Then, once the user tells you their location (client side), your code could fetch the relevant region data.
Python isn’t supported yet officially, but you could give it a go yourself. Here would be a good place to start.

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