Gamerbits - MaidSAFE App Release #1

Hello again everyone,

We are making this thread to announce, test and discuss our recent release of the Gamerbits Private Key / Password Cold Storage App running on MaidSAFE network version Alpha 2 right now.

This is our first release of a Gamerbits app for the MaidSAFE internet platform, to enhance security of all Gamerbits esports token holders.

Alpha 2 Network link is safe://gamer.password and the open source codebase is available

It is a finished version ready for public usage, as it properly uses the Private Mutable Data Type for securing passwords, private keys, and other data. More information is available on the YouTube video description. Here is a video of the application being used, and a run-through of its usage:

Please give feedback, and check out Gamerbits on EtherDelta!

Thank you,


I’m not getting the middle section, or the authorize button with Peruse.

With Safe Browser, it does seem to work.


Thank you, yes it has been tested primarily with the official MaidSAFE Browser called “Safe_Browser”


Peruse is the official Maidsafe browser.

SAFE Browser is no longer being developed and only receiving critical bug fixes, and will not be supported much longer.

I’m a little concerned that you are developing apps for SAFE Network but didn’t know what Peruse is. Doesn’t engender trust in a password app.


safe_browser was the official browser for years. Nobody said we don’t know Peruse, but we made the first version of this app long before Peruse recently began, which is why we continued with safe_browser for this release.

We will continue to make apps even in the face of hostile community members like this. Can’t imagine why anyone would try to fight off new application developers simply making apps on the MaidSAFE platform.

Please don’t keep this attitude, user @happybeing, or it will be very off-putting to developers looking to use this decentralized internet platform

I’m not being “hostile” but commenting on something that concerns me. If you were active on the forum you’d know this, but you and your team seem absent and disconnected from what’s happening here, and I’m commenting on my concerns about that.

If you knew about Peruse and were only supporting SAFE Browser at this time, you could have said as much, but your response suggested that you didn’t know about Peruse which is what concerned me.

If you want support from community members, it would help if you showed up more and kept in touch.

I think it’s great you’ve made an app, but what I don’t think is great is how little you interact here, even in your own topics and the way you handle anything you don’t like.


And also fixed bugs like broken links that have been reported here months ago, out of kindness and without charge - not out of hostility.


Thanks for the update. Always happy to hear from you and your project. :+1:

Keep up the good work. Lots of people out there that believe in you.

Network isn’t live yet so plenty of room for some mistakes and iterations. Ignore the hate and try to take onboard any constructive criticism.

The new browser is peruse, I have had issues with it myself and run both peruse and SAFEBrowser. Start moving your devs over to that one.

Really good to see your website on SAFENet technology.

:relaxed: Hear more from you soon.

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OK understood but we are an Ethereum platform primarily and developing MaidSAFE apps to enhance security on top of that. That is the level of commitment we gave and have been fulfilling that.

There were no emotional or relationship commitment clauses in our plans or agreements and are here only to release supplemental SAFE apps to enhance our project.

We can’t read every post on this forum. It’s growing too quickly. Which is a good thing though

Could you give a short explanation about what it’s for, how to use it, what problem it solves, what you hope to do with it next, etc? Thanks


Amen to listening to constructive criticism. That could definitely be improved. But where is the “hate” that is supposed to be ignored? I sure don’t see any “hate”.

I know nothing of any agreements, emotional or otherwise. But I am wondering if this project has a bug data base anywhere. Are the bugs reported here filed anywhere?

Even perceived hate can be destructive and disheartening for a developer. Am just turning the love dial up to 11.

Gamerbits hasn’t posted in a while for whatever reason, decided to dip his toe in the water and perceived it to be bitten off. He could have meant this post to be the first of many regular posts.

@Gamerbits you’re welcome to post more about your SAFENet project. Keep up the good work!


I’m new, have been browsing every day for almost two weeks, and still didn’t know the difference between Peruse and safe_browser, let alone that Peruse is the new standard. The official site and docs led me to assume safe_browser was the proper way to go and I actually thought maybe Peruse was a deprecated older version. So, putting this out there, that bit of information definitely needs to be more clarified.


I’m not the last surprised somebody new here would not know this.


Thank you for the support @zoki

Yes we should have given more information. There is some information in the YouTube video description as well.

It is an app to allow users to easily save a text string to the encrypted SAFE Network with the click of a button. This string is saved securely and properly encrypted so that it can not be compromised, and can only be retrieved by the user who saved it.

You can use this for passwords, private keys, secret messages, or any text that you wish to keep private, on SAFE. All with one click.

The code is also open and we are improving the readability and comments so developers can use it for other app ideas


Excellent app.

Much like this type of thing?

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Have you tried it @Zoki?

From what their description it sounds like just saves what you type in that box and that’s it.


When do you guys think will be the next major breakthrough in development? To the point where people will want to trade GBTS a lot more frequently? (And hopefully at higher and higher prices, if any type of eventual [even] greater success is had with the project.) Maybe getting on more exchanges? Or some kind of real-world implementation of Gamerbits software? Seems like good content has been created, and now we just need a lot of use cases where large groups of communities feel super at-ease, super comfortable with using the wallet/apps. I almost feel like people who are a fan of the Idea that Gamerbits has created, will want to use it for their various crypto needs… though, I am curious about how or when actual gaming communities will be on specifically this Ethereum wallet solution. (Obviously you can’t get 100% of to-be-called “gamers” to be on board with this solution, even with the most technically perfect widespread implantation in the demographic’s mind.) I seem to have this vision of it being a major integration with them, some day, like on Twitch, or wherever else. I guess for now, there’s primarily the Chinese market that is catered to, specifically with the MaidSafe Alpha solution that’s presently in place. For all I know, there already is a lot going on, though I and perhaps a number of others don’t seem to be in the right place to see all of the activity happening directly.

I feel like maybe there is a funding issue going on right now on the developer side? (I don’t want to assume any truths, though.) I mean, there’s still a chunk of money that has been set aside for developer usage, that was provided through the crowd sale. Then there’s the issue of time, or heck, even time-ing, as far as the whole 2022 event. Seems pretty far away, haha. In short, there seems to be a lot of imagination to work with, when it comes to this project. There is the website for information, of course. I do feel that-- now that all the template information and functionality has been set on the table, it would additionally help to kind of brainstorm with this forum’s community let alone others around the world, some kind of bigger picture that will eventually come down the road for Gamerbits, even if it’s just a list of all the communities that have been positively affected by the project, so far. As much as an average GBTS community member would be able to envision seamless integration with various gaming platforms, it would even more so help to have the minds of its developers lay out detailed, mechanically explained goals. If anything I hope to see continually evolved ease-of-use interfaces.

Random mundane nitpick: I notice the scrolling section on your website’s Completed Software section. I think it scrolls a little too fast. Once a viewer sees how fast it is scrolling, their brain gives up on trying to focus all of its attention on one of the features. I suggest making it at least a couple seconds slower, or even five more!

As with anything, it all comes down to what will grab people’s attention the greatest. I feel like I’ve understood a lot more of the project by typing all this, and would like to attempt to personally utilize it to the greatest of my understanding, at the time being. But I mean, will the Safenet truly not be done by 2022? If it’s done by 2020 let’s say, then doesn’t that make Gamerbits obsolete before its involvement with the Hangzhou Olympic eSports? At best it would compete with it in terms of mind share, at worst be completely crushed. It almost feels like, that, since Gamerbits is “the first altcoin to use Safenet’s [Alpha] technology,” it’s potentially the only coin out there that has a cozy and trustworthy direct relationship with SafeNetwork to the point where it won’t be under a “be completely crushed” mentality :stuck_out_tongue: —unlike all other coins out there, which are destined and doomed to be crushed under the weight of S. Net. You heard it here first, all multiple millions of members of the entire cryptocurrency community: conjoin yourself with the glory of The SAFE Network if you want to survive!