Gamerbits ICO - Old Thread

Assuming that all companies in any way related to any blockchain technology should automatically rise 400% just from being loosely related to that space seems incorrect.

Fiat value is mathematically correct

However we will update and reassess in two weeks, and this current offer may be updated (and any increases would of course be applied towards anyone who has already sent SFSC)

Neo is quite right really. It’s nice that you are offering the choice for people to buy in with the other SAFE assets, but anyone would be insane to use them at those prices.

I know of at least 1 OTC trade for SAFE-FS at the current bsq market price for a couple of hundred k MAID’s worth. Your pricing is not even on the same page really… ico $ value’s are only relevant in context. If it raised 60 BTC then it raised $180k in current context, the project most likely holds a lot more in coffers alone than your valuation, never mind the value of the project itself.

PDC is also a steal at 0.053. It is very hard to buy any volume at that price now. Plus v1 and Clikes are coming in the very near future.

It’s possible I will buy in, but there’s no way I’d use SAFE-FS, PDC @ those prices… which is fine I guess. BTC is booming, anyone who holds any of the SAFE related options would have to be totally crazy to buy in using them at a hefty premium. No issue really, just be aware that you’re very unlikely to get any buy-ins with those coins. :slight_smile:


Interesting that people feel that way, assuming growth

Update on your crowdsale?

Will be provided to your SAFE community when our SAFE live Testnet 18 app is finished, thanks for understanding that, the work comes first. Going full force into that so we aren’t pushed into the “Related Projects” bottom of the totem pole any longer.

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The reason I invest in your project is, because I want you guys to have fun (make what you want to make).

IMHO things are pretty simple, if your a scammer you go to jail (just like so many who thought they were super smart and outsmarted others).

The fun part, bitcoin gave Ethereum oxygen and Ethereum blew a breathe of fresh air in a lot of other projects. Each new crypto project is a tree that can grow new seeds.

I’m not afraid to loose my money in this space, because actually you can’t loose money when you invest. A good example is Safe Exchange Coin, this was suppose to be a SAFE Network exchange, they didn’t deliver that, nevertheless it’s price reached it’s all time high just a few days ago and they still didn’t deliver.

The dull part:
What worries me the most, is how spoiled we’ve become with value and how we sometimes don’t use it.
Storjcoin X’s marketcap 0.395728×500000000=$197,864,000.00 (how is it that this value can not be used by other people? Why do these coins need to get burned? I just don’t get it!) Even if the Storj project moved over to Ethereum, those coins still exist on Counterparty and can be used, because they still have value. :scream:

Some might argue that this StorJ thing is an exception, but is it?
Hmmmm not really
Today 300M GOLDTICKET’s are worth $152,775,000.00, but some how it’s more like gold on the bottom of the Atlantic. I know that all of this boils down to liquidity and actually just wiring up all this value up to an exchange (like Shapeshift), but we’re not making any progress here. :tired_face:
Raised $7,569,373.61 Burned $93,430,627 their total tokens 101,000,000


Sorry for my ranting, I just want the future to be surprised about our present condition. You guys needing money and money just totally being out of reach…

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