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Great, thank you for that. That tiny oversight has been updated here.

Yes, the vast majority, at the moment, as the focus is on our current funding round, and all hands are on deck to make that part a success. I’m sure you know that you can see the end result of all our code working top-to-bottom on this page, and the UX / UI designs are on our checklist of things to do, but not anywhere near the top of importance at the current stage.

These are all available on the Github, and many members have seen the code and provided comments, repetitively.

These are going to be able to be developed once our company has funding, please read above

Very much development has already been completed, we urge you to participate in our Test-Gamerbits system, to see all the tech working top-to-bottom, so you don’t return with the same questions many times over, that have been answered and demoed to everyone above, please.

Gamerbits is a combination of customizing wallets, and building much deeper functionality on top of them, based on the needs that arise from our partnerships.

As @drehb very much enjoys pointing out publicly, that SAFE Network App is not at its release version yet, and needs to be updated before it fulfills the escrow requirement. It is being switched to the random private Mutable Datatype, which will be the v1.0 release build. At that point it will be acceptable for escrow fulfillment.


Overall, we acknowledge that every tiny microfacet of our website might not be ready for production, although the vast majority of all content is more than ready.

We have 6 days remaining in our ICO Crowdsale, at current prices, and all members are focusing on their content, to make this a success.

While the tiny website fixes, document alignments, github repo updates etc are important, they are not our primary focus, as this is our only funding round and everyone is working to release the final informational content for our ICO in time.

Rest assured everything else is on our To Do list, and this is a general guide:

  • Release Scott Brown’s Test-Gamerbits video (completed)
  • Release Paul Ryan’s Wallet Walkthrough (very soon after)
  • Release Xijia CMO (or her assistant’s) video explaining
  • Release CEO Alex’s video with added visual effects
  • Calculate, Get TX’s signed, Verify, cross-verify, and disperse Gamerbits to all investors
  • List Gamerbits on exchanges, starting with Bittrex
  • Update website to post-ICO build, with new designs and longer term information
  • Recreate updated marketing images and documents, and begin dispersal

And then we will be in a place to get more of the smaller, finishing touches completed, as you are requesting.

While our ICO Crowdsale was quite successful, and should be well over 1/3 raised, our teamsize has been reduced accordingly, so we have become much more focused on things that matter, and this will continue as we move forward.

Thank you!


Test-Gamerbits with Scott Brown

Scott Brown walks us through the Test-Gamerbits system, with a full demonstration of the software.

Anyone holding an Ethereum address is still able to request the free Test-Gamerbits tokens from now until September 10th, which is when our ICO closes.

Contact Scott Brown for additional support at:
or at


Both of those options are the same, and correct.

$100 USD value worth of the Gamerbits tokens, calculated with the final value raised in the ICO, will be sent to whoever has the highest Bitboy screenshot score on September 10th.


I have no idea what you’re selling convince me to buy a couple hundred bucks worth will you. Give me like a ELI5 version.


What about recent China news? Seems like you’re heavily oriented towards that market


China seems to announce things to make price go down, then everybody forgets about it and prices go back up again (which is already happening). I could definitely be naive about actual circumstances that occur in China itself regarding their news/laws. But standard news-based pump/dump is how it seems to me.

One recent event, however, that has me wishing that the crowdsale had already completed, instead of being on the 10th, is this giant hurricane that’s barreling towards my State (but, seems like it could miss it if it keeps heading west). Well, it isn’t too bad I guess (w/r/t the sale), considering that, even the very first day that it’s listed on exchanges should see some amazing heights. (But it might not, too, benefit of doubt and all.) I really cannot wait to see where these developers take this gaming/twitch/esports project, even if my personal situation of the hurricane/anything requires me to sell half of it incredibly prematurely (i.e. prior to 5 years from now, or even whatever the 10 year plan is). It seems like they’ve got all technological (Ethereum/SAFE/custom) and social bases covered to really shoot/take off.


This is the first project which I really don’t understand what they are trying to do… Really bad marketing… Maybe someone could tell what is this about if you understand?


The Project Timeline near the end of the main page gives me all the information I need, same with that page in general, and the Whitepaper, and all the posts here. So sorry, I don’t know what else to say! It’s making Ethereum/Bitcoin easy to access for all the Esports/Twitch (and whatever else I’m missing), rather than leaving them in the dust to fend for themselves out of their own productions instead of a highly organized team effort to make easy the money pots for such major gaming events. I still need to try out the Test Gamerbits myself. I don’t claim to know much of the entire scope, but it’s enough for me to be invested into its progress, also seeing as I have a passing interest in that whole gaming sphere, even if I don’t participate in it other than an observer—and even then, I barely observe! I’m not even into fighting games and such. I’d actually be more willing to peek in and see how the GBits are doing in those communities. So I’m guessing some others have a greater, more in-depth understanding. Incorporating SAFE as well is some delicious icing.


The way I see it, it’s a simple crypto currency that’s being targeted towards a specific audience to make it accessible and useful.

So nothing complex, but a simple use case for crypto currency in esports / computer gaming.

While the currency won’t necessarily be technically impressive, getting crypto to new audiences and to actually be used rather than just speculated on is a big challenge, and I think this is what Gamerbits are attempting. Won’t be easy, but I wish them luck!

Please let me know if I have got this wrong :slight_smile:


Yes many of the community members here have done a great job, and have explained our Gamerbits project perfectly. We are customizing and extending blockchain software such as wallets and explorers, to make them very easy to understand and use for players, tournaments, vendors, and many other parties involved in the massive global eSports Industry. We still have regular discussions on how to get that 1 sentence mission statement as concise and clear as possible.

While it is true that we could simply bring Bitcoin or Ethereum to them, but since we are doing this work, we might as well be marketing our own coin, and bringing value to it, and all of our investors, instead. The business model fits perfectly.

Remember, the masses haven’t even heard of Bitcoin or digital currencies yet, so by making wallets, explorers, websites, mobile apps and other software that is custom tailored to their needs, it makes the process of integration much much easier for them, so that they can enjoy the freedom and efficiency allowed by these currencies, as opposed to the problems they face with conventional payment systems.

We have many markets in the region, thankfully. Since the announcement, all ICO projects have taken a step back in China, waiting for further news. Steps like this by the Chinese Government are always taken in this way, with a major, dramatic first step to attempt to gain total control, and then are scaled back, as they try to work with the issue (technology, system, etc) to regulate it. So all projects–us included–are waiting for more steps to become available to us, such as compliance with their future guidelines and processes.

Luckily in the meantime, we have access to and leads in many other countries that have massive eSports events and communities, where we can immediately continue our rollout plans, and will be important stepping stones as we continue to iterate and integrate our software. Then when China has made more of its future rulings, we will be much further along with our company and software, making us able to latch onto the Chinese market much more quickly.

This is absolutely correct, glad our message is successfully reaching people.

4 days left of our ICO


Perhaps this helps explain our project.

An event organizer who has tested our system, and is looking to integrate


Sorry but what exactly are you selling what’s your service or product this is the part I’m confused on? And why do you say you are a twitch partner when you’re not, you’re partnered with people who use twitch. This is very different IMO.


Our previous answer above was 15 words, but to make it even easier let’s put it into three: “cryptocurrency for eSports.”

Thank you, I hope that was easier,

And we have many twitch partners working with us and providing feedback. There are many twitch partners, and we hire them as needed, for software tests


Yeah but you’re not partners with twitch like it says on your site. Not trying to bust your balls just hoping you read between the lines of caution cos you can be sued for that sort of thing.

RE crypto currency for esport. I still don’t get it. No idea what your actually offering people or what your selling and why or how this has any value for anyone other than people being sold on the idea of potentially making money. Cryptocurrency for esport is like me saying cars for Greek people it makes no sense. Call me an idiot call me a pessimist or even a hater I just see zero value in any of this and I’d even go so far to call it something else which I won’t. Don’t mean to hurt your movement. It’s just my opinion.

PS and I am more than comfortable to be proven wrong if I am wrong and I might me. No disrespect once again just an opinion.


Well apparently they have working wallets.
If they had customers, i guess they would be working for them to earn some money instead of fundraising via ico.


Thanks for reply.

What will a path fiat to gamerbits will look like. Is it fiat->btc->gamerbits or direct conversion through wallet or any other means?


This would be a very simple feature to add in to v2 of our Web Based Wallets, and future mobile apps, for players to easily wager, exchange, or even sell Gamerbits to each other, for fiat, game points, merchandise, or anything else. The potential to be very peer to peer is right there.

Hello please read any of the following to get your details, like all else here have already, please, so you can be on the same page as everyone else who has done a great job explainng our project to you several times. Great resources include:

It can begin to frustrate when people return asking basic questions that we have put very much effort into explaining very well on many occasions on the resources above. Please make sure you are on the same page, information wise, before repeating questions. The BitcoinTalk thread has an extended market research section available for you.

However, we are always here for additional support. Final 2 videos being released soon!


(remember, there are zero financial benefits to waiting until the last minute)


Maybe you could change so does not appear to be misleading.

When will you be listed on exchanges? Currently we are almost finished Q3.

Starts in 16 days, so have you secured sponsorship’s and which organizers have you partnered with?

FYI You’re “full team” page returns an error 404 as does the crowdsale pages


There is nothing misleading about the phrase “Twitch Partnerships” as we have several, and also many of them are Twitch Partners themselves, as explained above.

Hi the link you supplied is invalid, our company page link is

And the crowd sale page is always live at: