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While the tech side of all of these coins is always very similar, the main difference that sets projects apart is their vision and methods for tackling each market. Gamecredits limits itself to the purchase of video games, and targets those transactions. Gamerbits creates software, partnerships and integration for its cryptocurrency into the eSports competitive gaming market, with an initial focus on China and the many upcoming events with multi-million dollar prize pools, as its initial starting point, into the global gaming industry.

So while underlying technology is always quite similar with all coins on, for example, the vision, marketing, methods and targets are what are setting projects in this space apart from each other.

That is why we currently have the Test-Gamerbits system for you to try right now. This a complete and exact run-through of the entire Gamerbits ICO coin dispatch process, which will be exactly the same, only the issued coin will be called “Gamerbits” instead of “Test-Gamerbits,” as we have called this version.

So there will be no technical problems, as it has already been completely tested. Additionally, @whiteoutmashups and MaidSafe Asia are assisting in this advising and dispatch process, to further guarantee you receive everything as planned.

And finally, the Gamerbits Foundation holds 10% of all issued Gamerbits, which will have zero value if they aren’t sent, and added to exchanges. So we have every incentive to create them, send them to investors, and list them on exchanges as well, as they help fund our Gamerbits project long-term.

Not sending you your coins makes no sense at all. It shoots ourselves in the foot, financially, in a very large way. And it is quite strange that you fear this happening.


Do you have any comments on FirstBlood?


This is still very vague even if you know the eSports world. You should really work on a clear one-sentence explanation of the value you are adding to eSports, using blockchain. There is not a single mention of match-rewards, betting or game-asset purchases in your explanation.

It took me a lot longer then it should to find out exactly what functionality you are offering. A clear description should be the first thing I read when opening the website. Instead all I find at first is how your ICO is different from others, how you are better organised than your competitors, what great partners you have…

All of this does not matter to me as an investor BEFORE I understand what you are actually developing and how this will add any value to the real world.

Hopefully you will take this as constructive feedback, as I think there is a big market for a well integrated crypto in eSports and although there are others, I would much rather see the one succeed that is, at the same time, contributing to the SAFE community :slight_smile:


Still, a different submarket focus. FirstBlood is a platform for online play and matchmaking. Gamerbits approach begins with targeting the large gaming events in the real world, and that’s where its partnerships and outreach are being focused. In our market research, there are many general gaming companies like us in Asia, who are promoting the growth of eSports, but none using blockchain or offering an ICO investment opportunity for investors, making us unique. Feel free to keep naming things off of CoinMarketCap, but there is no project taking cryptocurrency to the places and markets that we are, thank you.


Test-Gamerbits Dispatched

We have dispatched the free Test-Gamerbits to the first 10 intrested parties so far, and if anyone else wishes to request the free Test-Gamerbits currency to use with any of our live & functional wallets, you can post here or send us a PM to receive them.

If you are needing an Ethereum address you can easily create a new one with our Gamerbits Core Web Wallet right now, and save your Private Key and Public Address somewhere secure, such as our SAFE Network Cold Storage Application. Then, you can PM us your Ethereum Public Key and we will send you the free Test-Gamerbits, for you to send to each other, or use for general testing. Test-Gamerbits have a cap of 90 million, the same as true Gamerbits.

We look forward to providing additional support on this system as Scott prepares his video tutorial, thank you.


Just to confirm.

My private etherium key is the only thing I ever will need to access my gamerbits?
Will I ever need to remember any other keys or password to use gamerbits?


No, and that is a common question that we have found comes up with our wallets, and version 2.0 will address.

The password and key file at the beginning are completely optional, and will be removed from Gamerbits Wallet v2.0, along with other efficiency updates, to help make it more clear.

So in short, like with all crypto coin systems, for Gamerbits to be used, all you need is your private key. You may test this out now with your current Test-Gamerbits


Great! Thanks you.


Yes, we are here to provide support with this process 24/7


Just received my Test-Gamerbits, thanks! Will play with them now

EDIT: my current (glitched) high score :stuck_out_tongue:

Due to my really outdated browser. Do I win? XP


Scores using that exploit do not count, so @riddim still holds the highest score for our Bitboy JS Game.

Have also just sent out another round of the free Test-Gamerbits to everyone’s Ethereum addresses, so enjoy using them with all of our Wallets!

Anyone else can PM us any Gamerbits Public Addresses you create with our Wallets, and we will send anyone else Test-Gamerbits as well. And we are always here for support!


Yes, and we have just dispatched 1 million Test-Gamerbits each to your addresses. Enjoy! And contact us anytime for assistance in using them


Ok, so in the whitepaper I see mention of 6 different applications of GamerBits (counting 6c and 6d as 1). Are these ordered by priority? If not could you give an indication of their priority? In what way does the current state of the crowdsale affect these features and the plans?

I also see that part of the escrows which will be released after completion of the SAFE features might be used to port GamerBits to a SAFE network currency if needed. Is there any contingency plan for the possibility that GamberBits needs to move away from Ethereum before these funds are released? Considering the budget and available resources, how would this affect plans for the features and marketing?

I am also a little confused over some of the numbers, which is probably because I am not a veteran crypto investor. In the whitepaper it says that there is coin cap of 1.400.000.000 (1.4B). There are 90.000.000 (90M) in the crowdsale, 10% (9M) of that is being kept separate for funding. I assume these are not part of the 90M but are on top of that. So we are talking about 99M coins in existence. What about the other ~1.3B coins? Will these be slowly mined/released? If so, is there any information on this anywhere? I could not find it in the whitepaper.


Hello, they have been ordered to fit with the announcement and market description we have given on Bitcointalk here.

Our ICO has more than proved successful enough for us to continue for at least one year, as explained in the previous posts in this thread, if you would like to see them above. The full amount would have been able to fund all teams (including the junior developers) for three years, but as we have explained above, the current ICO budget allows us to continue on with a more streamlined team, including the executive team and one senior developer and one apprentice developer for a total of one year, as we roll out across Asia.

Additionally, Gamerbits will be added to major exchanges, allowing the Gamerbits Foundation’s 10% holdings of the Gamerbits tokens to be used for additional long-term funding for the development and marketing of the project. We are excited for our future here, an our growth.

Any figures you see for 1.4B coins are from previous drafts, and only the most recent document showing 90M Gamerbits is correct. You can see that 90M Test-Gamerbits have been minted already, and are being dispersed to anyone for free under our current Test-Gamerbits program, for everyone to test our wallets. The same amount of Gamerbits will be minted, in exactly the same way.

Always here for support, thank you


There’s a noteworthy topic on the Gamerbits forum regarding “high scores”:

The second-to-last post is some new information. 100 GB to the high score winner. At 1 cent, and ROI, that could eventually be $100-$200++ haha. All seem to have forgotten I still hold the high score, with Riddim in a super-close second. Mine, posted earlier in this thread: Gamerbits eSports Apps



You are set to be the winner of the $100 Gamerbits prize! :smiley: To incentivize more players, we will make it $100 USD value of Gamerbits that goes to the highest score on the Bitboy game :slight_smile: (Screenshot required)

Should make things more exciting! Perhaps this will turn into the $1 Million Bitcoin Pizza story one day

$100 Worth of Gamerbits will be sent to the highest scorer of the Bitboy game! (After ICO ends).


It is in the introduction of the whitepaper currently on your website:

“…, as the fixed capped amount of 1.4 billion (divisible) Gamerbits creates a deflationary supply curve which mirrors that of Bitcoin”

Anyway, I will continue with some development related questions. I took a look at the Gamerbits github repositories. Is there any development being done in private repo’s? Because I don’t see any active development on Github, other than the original forks from other open-source projects like MyEtherWallet. Are there any available roadmaps/backlogs/designs(UX & UI) for the wallets, and other platforms like tournament organisation and prize pool managing web-app, betting platform, SAFE apps, etc?

Am I misunderstading this project and is it more about targeted rebranding and marketing of existing tech, like the current ‘skinned’ wallets, and building strategic partnerships? Or are you planning to start the development only after the crowdsale is done? I guess I am a little confused because the originial post and website say the wallets are at version 1.0, indicating that the core features have been implemented, which would currently be a skin. And the Safe cold storage app is tagged as release, does this mean that this 1 out of 4 SAFE apps is complete as it is now, according to the agreement tied to the escrow fund?


At 1 cent, and ROI, that could eventually be $100-$200++ haha.

I’m confident about gamerbits but your confidence impresses me. Do you really mean $100 per 1cent?


That app is definitely not complete with the code that is on GitHub.


100 Gamerbits was the original prize for getting the high score for the game on, hence 100x ROI would be $100 if Gbits are 1 cent each. But they changed the prize to $100. I don’t know if that means $100 worth of Gamerbits or fiat.