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Project that sell all their tokens during an ico (even worse burn their tokens), are clueless imho especially if your raising money below $1M. If 900 people invest in a project, but somehow the project doesn’t succeed the token is still worth something, unfortunately it won’t have any liquidity if it’s not on an exchange. So the key to all these tokens is simply to be on an exchange to give the early investors a choice. The lower the token price during an ico the better for the investors.

Gnosis still gave it’s investors an 5x return, interestingly when projects raise a lot of money it’s like they have basically become an bank, even better is when they start a fund like Bancor, Blockstack and Tezos. is one of the early projects in the cryptospace that failed. Strangely enough with tokens involved, you end up asking yourself what is failing? Their token is still worth more than some national currencies and it seems like they are gearing up for a retry.

Hacker Gold also failed, but now and then it’s price comes up to it’s ico price of $0,10, so although the project has died the token is still alive on exchanges. At it’s current price $0,06 it’s also beating some national currencies.

The DAO failed, but it’s last price at the ticker was $0,10 so…

Even SAFE Exchange Coin is still alive and kicking. It seems like even if we don’t get a facebook our value will still float in the cryptospace.


IOTA was pure pre-mine. $450k ICO with 300 investors, now at $2.5bn. 1BTC @ $250-$300 is now worth over $2M! Neither IOTA or Gnosis are being ‘used’ yet either. You don’t need to plan for the end-game if the ICO is tiny :wink:

That’s kind of my point. 5x in Gnosis in huge ICO vs nearer 5,000-10,000x in IOTA with tiny ICO that no one cared about. Those long shots don’t need to come up very often. Your EV is much higher taking punts with more upside. Again, remember that IOTA has done that without mainstream adoption for its designed use-case. Could Gnosis rise to a trillion dollar market cap off speculation alone?

Well yes, but we are talking very short time frames. Most things die a slow death if they don’t have a big burn rate. Plenty of these projects can be kept alive by a single developer… until that developer gives up and it actually dies. Besies, the price doesn’t matter, it’s the volume in the book. If there’s only 1BTC of buy orders in the book and I have a lot of said shitcoin then it doesn’t really have the dollar value it says in the book for me. I can’t actually sell my volume at that price. If all I can do is sell the price down to zero whilst offloading a tiny % of my holdings then my investment has no value really. Perhaps it will revive, but that is going to be the exception rather than the rule imo. :slight_smile:


The awful truth is that everything has become “laughing stocks”, if I was a millionaire today like Floyd Mayweather.

I would just give my 10 friends $100K each to invest in my $1M ico for $1 per token and i would generate 1B tokens. Something like this is totally legit in the cryptospace. Nowadays it doesn’t even matter what ico you do anymore, as long as people put money in it, it has become the new reality. This money to create new money paradigm has become sucha distortion effect, in comparison to sound money (SAFEcoin aka resourced based money). The new safe haven for millionaires is their own ico, billionaires can maybe even become central banks in this format.

This is not even a prediction, but just like we got bots that buy up sneakers soon we might have bots that buy into ico’s or buy tokens on exchanges to manipulate prices.

Actually the volume, the book and buy order doesn’t matter anymore. Although this says that you can only exchange ETH for BNT, in reality Bancor has created an smartcontract that can serve as an exchange for every ERC20 token. The BNT Smart Token Contract can even be seen on coinmarketcap as one of the exchanges (but you know how humans are they like to limit things and that’s exactly what Bancor is doing with it’s smartcontract set up right now). :tired_face:

If we integrate the Bancor protocol on the SAFE Network in the future there won’t be sucha thing as shitcoin anymore, beside every unpopular cryptocurrency no matter what is another attempt to give more value to decentralization. Maybe I should do an ico for shitcoin, that name is coming up a lot on bitcointalk but nobody seems to monetize the brand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Several updates for our project:

  • Uploading Pedro’s video on our YouTube
  • Updated our banner with current figures, 23% / $205,123
  • Updated base figures on all website footers

Most importantly, we have finished collecting feedback and discussing internally, and have decide to extend the ICO dates as explained above, so now the Gamerbits Limited ICO ends on 9/10/17.

Thank you


It’s a shame you guys have hardly been there since I joined weeks ago. Over three weeks to respond, and…

I don’t think I it’s ok to post people’s memberships of a chat forum on the public Internet. Please remove the above.


@Gamerbits, please respect other people’s privacy and get permission before posting such things. Post was deleted to protect others privacy, please understand.


Not sure what you mean there, all questions posted had been answered very quickly

Hello that’s completely fine, they all requested to join in very publicly, either on this forum or ours, so we were letting them know it was successful.


Just to clarify, as this is an international forum - this date is 10th of September 2017, not 9th of October (I was initially surprised by what I thought was a 6 week extension because I’m British, who use d/m/y rather than m/d/y :smiley:)


Thank you for that, @DavidMc0, important clarification.

Pedro Dutra Explains BitBoy Campaign

Pleased to announce the first of our final six videos coming in these final two weeks. In this installment, BitBoy lead designer Pedro Dutra explains his work with the mascot, our company, and the future plans in this area of international outreach to the gaming community.

You can learn more about Pedro at his website,, and he is also available for support at his email, listed at the bottom of his website above.

Excited for this–and our next–video installment. Thank you for your attention!


I really don’t understand what is your project about, what is purpose? What I can do with your product?


Yes hello, in a single sentence: we are adopting cryptocurrency so that it will smoothly fit the massively booming eSports markets, especially in Asia, so that they can easily adopt it and can enjoy all the benefits it offers.

Thank you


I find it odd that you say that when I posted on 7th March and you responded today.


Sorry if there was one question missed.

We have many channels to maintain, and answer on, throughout all our pages online.

If you need something answered ASAP, our most active channels are our company email and our hosted forums:


Not much point in the slack then, or encouraging people to join it.


Many have appreciated the Slack service offered, as it is how they prefer to communicate. We always try to accommodate everything, within reason. Now that many more people have learned of it and have been invited, it will be picking up. But the forums is still #1 for our activity.


Test-Gamerbits System Now Live

While Gamerbits Developer Scott Brown will be walking us through this system in his upcoming video, we feel it is important to announce it as soon as possible.

The Test-Gamerbits system is now live, and anyone who has invested in Gamerbits, or any other interested parties, are now welcome to provide their addresses to receive TGBT “Test-Gamerbits.” This will allow you to use our many wallets right now, and test out our complete system from top-to-bottom.

You may simply post your ETH addresses here, or submit a PM here or on our forums, to receive your free Test-Gamerbits to use with our various wallets. Let us know, and we will dispatch your coins right away.
Thank you!


Just made one with my favorite wallet (Super Smash Bros one),

Gamerbits Address: 0x9739679D9Ad327419B5C5F9F5D8Aa3EFa61216cA



Here is a link to that other game coin I mentioned above.

I don’t own any, but have quite invested in gamerbits now because this other game coin exists.

Should have asked this question before buying in but, what are the technological and other advantages of gamerbit over gamecredits.


I think the fact that Gamerbits are not issuing the tokens upon purchase will put a lot of people off. Personally I invested a little bit of ETH as a test. Then once i realized that token issuance is not trust less I was not happy to risk more. Its a big risk investing 10 K then hoping you decide to issue the token in a few weeks.


Looking at Game Credits value is promising. It shows there is value or perceived value in this kind of coin. And competition is good thing.