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Hello we are at an important decision,

While several of our videos (Pedro’s video on Bitboy future plans, and Wallet Dev Paul’s walkthrough of the core Gamerbits Wallet) are in the final steps of being released today, many investors on here and other websites have recently requested much more data, and we still have more content we are waiting for from our advisors and escrow holders.

So we have been in discussion with our team, advisors and initial investors about extending our ICO timeframe for 2 additional weeks, as the option of one single extension was allowed for in our documents.

We are here now to gather this community’s thoughts on this extension. Proposed to close ICO completely on the 10th of September.

There are several benefits of this:

  • We will be able to offer the Test-Gamerbits to you all, wherein we provide full support to any interested people, and send you all Test-Gamerbits to use with our many wallets (otherwise, will need to wait longer to use Gamerbits, as all ICO results must be finalized, cross-checked, verified, and sent out to you, before you can try our wallets).

  • We will be able to release our 4-5 other videos, including detailed videos from MaidSafe Asia and @whiteoutmashups on our ICO escrow systems

  • we will be able to release our English videos from our CEO and CMO, to learn more about our project and Chinese Olympic Gamerbits Wallet.

If the systems, information and videos here are important to you, and you want to see them before the close of the ICO, please let us know here, as we are discussing with as many parties as possible on the proposed ICO extension or not.

Thank you


Well you set a target amount, so any reasonable extension seems sensible to me. Its not like you are extending to get more money.

Two weeks seems too small considering 4 weeks only got this far.


We feel it would be incorrect to extend much longer than that, as one month is the usual amount of time in this industry, and was our initial goal.

We have already reorganized plans, so that our team can run on a smaller budget. We are not extending in hopes of raising the entire amount, rather to simply allow time for all of our planned information to be presented.

Thank you for your thoughts, this discussion will be valuable.


Will there be any adjustments based on the market value of the currency sent? For example if BTC was sent when it was valued at 4k. And now you extend the sale, let’s say BTC goes to 5k.


Important question,

The current system averages all coins’ prices throughout the entire time, for distribution, so that there is no incentive to wait. And we assume it would be reasonable to continue in this way


That will work! Thanks


Not sure if I’ve misunderstood, but doesn’t this give an incentive to wait until the end, because the contibutor will know the dollar value of any given currency, but part way through, that currency may appreciate vs USD, giving more Gamerbits per currency unit? So there’s more certainly if donations are made at the end?

On one hand, an extension may well mean dilllution for those who have already invested, on the other hand, any additional funding may help the project become more valuable more quickly. On balance, I think this is neutral from an existing investors perspective.

I think a two week extension makes sense if there’s significant information soon to be released that could build confidence & help get closer to the target.


This means that no matter what happens with the price, you will receive the same amount of Gamerbits, no matter what time you invest.



I think this in turn means that, if for example any specific coin dips by 20% in value in the last 2 days of the sale, an investor will get a nearly 20% boost by purchasing those coins to invest at the end, as the price of that coin will be averaged out over the whole 4/6 week period.

Averaging out the amount of Gamerbits per crypto currency unit means that the dollar price per gamerbits unit will be variable.

e.g. of today were the last day of the sale, anyone paying with XMR would get a raw deal because XMR went up by 40%, but the average over the period may be around half of this price.

Hopefully nobody will be disadvantaged significantly.


The overall idea is that price seems to follow an uptrend, at least on the popular coins (we only accept widespread coins in this ICO), so this extension should help all investors in terms of that detail.

But the information is the major benefit


I’m all for it. I was going to buy a little bit today but I’m fairly busy. 2 week extension gets a thumbs-up from me.


I find it’s useful to use this opportunity to have your friends invest in a coin like Gamerbits which will massively diversify their portfolio and life after it nets a hefty ROI. So if you know someone, tell them to invest 100 or so!

I wished it would close sooner after I first heard about the extension. But now it seems to be fine with me.



That means only 900 people can buy in for a full $1000.

This coin is cheap.

That’s, 100,000 coins for $1000 and only 900 people can do this.

If you haven’t got any, why not? You better hurry. Now’s your chance to own a wallet with more than 100,000 of a coin.

Edit:. There are over 4000 forum users here, won’t take much to sell out of this coin once they wake up to the above numbers.

Forum stats.


Lol. You two on commission?

I threw some at this a while back, so I have no reason to be more cynical than usual. But no ICO should struggle to hit $1m at the moment. If this really was the bet of the century I doubt it would struggle to attract the money.

That said, neither of the posters above are fools so it looks like I will enjoy being wrong!


… if you believe the project will succeed in its business aims.

I’m not expressing an opinion on that either way, but anyone investing should look into how they intend to make money and decide on that basis. It’s really nothing to do with how many people can buy in at $1,000 IMO.


Yes. Bit of a gamble from my side. I’m not a big gamer… last game I really mastered was super Mario cart on the SNES. Haha.

I’ve read a few articles about gamers, games and gaming goods and services are really popular and are taken very seriously by people. There are existing game type coins on exchanges which are popular and I think there is enough space for more game coins in the gaming world as there are in the ‘real’ world. Feels like a good opertunity.

I am a bit excitable also, it’s the first ICO I have taken part in.


Waiting fir CEO CMO vids


The best bets have the biggest returns and they come from the smallest starting points. I’ve no idea what the bet of this century was or will be, but I will bet it starts off totally undervalued with little interest from investors (like facebook) and a six figure valuation. The return is just the difference between the values you start and finish at, so I want starting values to be as small as possible ideally. It’s the things that start sub $500k that are the most likely to add 3-4 zeros to your investment. It’s much harder and rarer to do that when something raises $200M out of the gate. Most of the stuff in crypto will fail. Anyone buying in to ICOs should be writing off the money as soon as they send it. ICOs are gambles. If I’m gambling I’d like to be covering all the things with the best risk/reward, so I’m happy with lots of 100:1 shots as long as they pay 1000:1 or more when they come good :wink:

It’s just like punting into a cheap flop with 46s Danski… it’s not like you to be such a nit :kissing_heart:


You don’t know how much I’ve chucked at it :wink:

I was mostly scoffing at the pumpy posts which would be more at home on Bitcointalk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:smile: Fair play, Can’t argue with that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: