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Anyone watching eclipse?


Any updates for gamerbits?


I got pictures! Not great but

I was further north than total eclipse


Wow your shots are infinitely better than mine,

I had two cameras but could never figure out how to capture the crescent :crescent_moon: sun :sunny: shape that I could see with my glasses :eyeglasses: :frowning:


Don’t mean to hijack this thread but we were lucky with partly cloudy, so that and hitting focus on the sun would focus the camera just long enough to take a shot. Better experiencing it first hand then through a camera anyhow :slight_smile:


Hello yes sir, many, as we are moving into our…


now, we have many updates we have been unveiling.

We are releasing a series of YouTube videos explaining and showcasing all of our functional Gamerbits applications, from many of our team members, as well as a video featuring a message from our CEO, all to be released very soon.

Our ICO looks like it is falling short of our total goal, but we are not backing down at all, in fact, it has pushed us to pursue our growth even farther. In addition to our Chinese tournament partners, we have completed all preliminary screening and validation work for Bittrex, so Gamerbits may be traded within days of ICO completion.

This is very exciting news, and a great push forward for the massive growth of our Gamerbits currency, especially with such a limited market cap as we currently have. The smaller market caps actually mean ever more massive growth of ROI on our ICO, as our project continues to grow and be bought on exchanges worldwide. This is our gift to all ICO Investors.


You should post these pre-announcements in many other places. You may get a final push. 4 days left to buy a coin at $0.01 that looks like it will be trading very soon with actual ready software? Will you be publising the % of coins left to buy? This could further create a buzz if they are running out.

Dogecoin is trading at 1/5 th of your coin offer at $0.0017, i think your utility and value is going to be much more that x5 dogecoin.

Im about to buy some more gamerbits. Your update is encouraging.

Fix that url though, it leads to nowhere.


All set now, nice catch, not sure what happened.

Glad others are also excited for our large releases very soon


Final 3 days, although we have so much content coming that it might be difficult to release it all in time. Are in discussions with all executives and advisors now…


Hi, I was interested to invest in Gamerbits but I backed down for some issues and questions.

  1. What is the total coin supply and how much is for ICO (crowdsale)/Devs/Investors? I can see a market cap of $900K i.e. 90M coin, is that the total supply?
  2. The ICO is really looking short by a huge margin so what would you do with the remaining coins?
  3. As only 15% of the total cap is filled so what is next goal? Another crowdsale or something else?
  4. I can understand that you need a minimum amount to keep the project afloat, as the ICO is falling short so that is your plan B?
  5. The estimated market cap of $700M+ (based on website), on which year is it based on? I mean after how many years?

Except these if you have any more information I would love to go through and change my mind as per.
Thank you


Hello thank you for your questions.

Yes this is shown at the bottom of all pages of our website, 90 million Gamerbits total supply, being sold at $0.01 each

We are updating our banner with the more current figures (23% sold out now), and additional Gamerbits are being held with our escrows. MaidSafe Asia and @whiteoutmashups are both preparing more in depth videos about our escrow systems and we are pushing them to finish very soon.

The current raised amount is more than enough to at least fund several things for a full year: our executive team to continue their partnerships across China and eastern Asia as planned, two contract marketers to continue online outreach, and still have one of our chosen wallet developers on staff to continue adjusting our wallets to customers needs.

This is a more efficient team now, but with the currency reaching many events in this rapidly growing Chinese industry, the rise in the Gamerbits price will give the Gamerbits foundation and company enough reserves to continue the project indefinitely.

That figure represents the current tournament prize pool of the eSports industry, with the bulk of that existing in China. So that is the current year, and links for these figures have been provided in the appendix of our whitepaper.


Also, for anyone watching, we are organizing everyone’s efforts to get more information to everyone. The past few weeks have seen us focusing on our Chinese outreach, and now we have several new video and software projects we are publishing within days, for the English community:

  • CMO Xijia Hu or her assistant walking us through the 2022 Chinese eSports Olympics Wallet
  • Wallet Dev Paul Ryan walking us through our core Gamerbits Wallet
  • Bitboy Designer Pedro walking us through current Bitboy character assets and future plans for our mascot
  • Gamerbits Designer Scott Brown showing us the Test-Gamerbits system for current investors
  • @whiteoutmashups and MaidSafe Asia videos, explaining their escrow systems and requirements
  • and our special effects designer creating a promotional video that includes a message from our CEO (in English)

Recently many people have asked for more info in these areas and we are happy to respond to this. Creating this content and releasing to you all as quickly as possible, thank you


Thank you for replying. I just have one more question.

Would you burn the unclaimed ICO tokens or keep it aside to sell in future?

I am really looking to invest, it is a great project and specially the team is much active. :clap:


The ICO is still active so you can still buy into it :wink:


Invested 1 ETH, best of luck. :crossed_fingers:


sorry for my delays. Been a bit occupied, I’m getting on this very soon. Thanks



I don’t found any information or discussions at china websites. Appreciate if you can share the link here. Many thanks.


I think the question was regarding this:

For those with the language skills, it would be interesting to look at some of the Chinese outreach wherever it has been taking place.


Issue of not quoting, misunderstandings. :man_facepalming:


Indeed - using the reply button from the comment that is being replied to helps a lot, and quotes even more so.