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We hope now for this issue to be rectified, as work has been completed and submitted as per the community’s requests. Thank you, will continue to stand by you here.


Additionally, we have completed the images & links reflecting the SAFE releases, on our demos page


It’s now clear on the website and in the whitepaper that Gamerbits is also building Apps for SAFE. That’s why we moved the topic back to #apps. Read our updated Forum Guidelines for more info on crowdsales. Thank you.


Game currencies should be taken seriously, which is why I bought some GamerBits.


I might have missed something, but why are the numbers at the top of your webpage or not correlated with the numbers in each of the ICO addresses you provide ?
E.g - the ether address 0x07F2618f57B2b6f59403dcBFDCc37b9d67D60A4A contains now 12.4 ether while your site shows you have collected 7.798
the bitcoin address 13pnVkMQJ2n3UABV4gJwmCkBCpFaLeZp8Z has 2.69 btc, while in your website it says you’ve collected 5.043.

Could someone please clarify the inconsistency?


Yes we update that header manually, and are pinged on each new transaction. Sorry for the small delay, getting to this now.

As for this type, you can see public releases addresses on our forum, slack channel and active ones on our ICO website, and when you add the totals from all addresses for each coin, then you arrive at the true, combined total.

The address you seem to be overlooking for that bitcoin total is this one:



All figures have been updated across all sections and pages of our website.

All 17 of us have been working at all hours translating updates to all our various language groups, as well as using existing partnerships to amplify the message.

We are grateful for making it this far with all our many months of work and preparation starting to pay off, and are all working together at Gamerbits to make this ICO a success.

Thank you for your questions.


Our designers have been releasing improved content for our media followers,

as well as improved SAFE-FS banners of @whiteoutmashups

(Demo. Much higher resolutions on our media channels, ex. Company Instagram).


Yes it has, thank you

Us as well! While being a unique selling point for us and all players and sponsors in China and worldwide who use our currency, it also will mean important steps for SAFE and therefore the world.

Exciting steps here, excited for SAFE and for Gamerbits


Like with all the crowdsale thingy’s I have no idea what you are doing, not my thing, wouldn’t risk my money but all the very best anyway


Does SAFE-FS have a real price? I thought it wasn’t on any exchanges with substantial volume yet. Is it being used in the calculation of the crowd sale?


Last I heard they are taking the ICO BTC amount per coin then allocating 150% as the value. The trades that have occurred more than support this stance. So they are just using the ICO to get to the price


Hello yes in the posts above we have also given updates on SAFE-FS price, and how it is 150% of ICO price while also adding in the underlying rise in the BTC asset that it is based on, as this community has requested.


Have updated our website with the XRP, XMR, NEO addresses, among others, as per our initial Asian investors original requests. This is to allow completely anonymous purchase of our ICO token with privacy based blockchain currencies.

Also accepting Bitcoin Cash, which is a way to claim Gamerbits ICO tokens with your free assets that you as a BTC holder may or may not have claimed.

For example, if Bitcoin Cash was something you received for free because you own Bitcoin (which is true for most people who owned Bitcoin on August 1st), and you did not bother with it, then you may also feel free to use that to get into our Asian eSports ICO for free, in a practical sense.

Also are ramping up the Chinese announcements today, so these are exciting times of growth.

Thank you!


Hello is there a method to be notified on every new reply in this thread by email?

The only options seem to allow for email notifications on new posts, not replies.

It is important for us to be able to respond promptly to all questions posted, thank you.


In your email preferences you have

Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic

And you can set the topic to “watching” (see bottom of topic)

You will be notified of every new reply in this topic, and a count of new replies will be shown


Thank you for this help @neo, this has been set up so that our team is now pinged on all new replies, to be as responsive as possible.

We appreciate all the help you have provided, on here and our forums. Great community!


We now have all major languages covered at bitcoin discussions page, btctalk and are breaking into minor languages now with our various translators. You are free to view the materials you need in any other languages!

Available now in:


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Nothing to be ashamed of,

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