Gamerbits eSports Apps

I’m quoting myself asking you twice in the same post to which you replied “When? Where” above…

I think this is better done in the open, not in PM. If e.g. a refund is possible, please ask the CEO of Gamerbits to issue a statement for everyone to see. Of course, this should be done on Gamerbits’ own site and forum, with a link posted here, but those are long gone, and never really worked to begin with.

They never gave me their tokens even after resquesting them multiple times.

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It has to do with people’s addresses, most people don’t want to be publicly linked to any blockchain address

I haven’t had any more success than anyone else at getting replies from them lately, ever since the 80%+ crypto market crash

But the MaidSafeCoin community escrow is still under my control, and I feel it’s appropriate to refund this community if they need it. Anyone can let me know

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Do you mean you haven’t heard from the Gamerbits people you endorsed since December 2017? And you are letting us know this now?

I’m not sure what this means. Are you saying that those who invested MAID can get their money back from you, but those who invested other currencies cannot? Please elaborate.

Nov '17 was the big bullrun, it wasn’t until about late Oct '18 that the big crash really came, and started the winter. Really halted lots of crypto energy and momentum

And yes I have the MaidSafeCoin escrow. I’m not sure if there were other escrows for other communities or forums out there

Whatever. If your conscience can handle this dirt, so can my wallet. I only got scammed out of 0.5 ETH, so no biggie. Over and out.

I’m definitely going to be more careful about where I put my face, and who–if anyone–I work with. And I have been, ever since this.

It was a long time ago and they sounded like they were really into MaidSafe’s tech, made those apps, and paid me $3k in BTC to endorse, so I decided to go with it.

Learned reputation is far more valuable.

It has been a while so if anyone wants to refund their Maid tx, I can verify that and send back. Or even I could refund from my sponsorship earnings. But I still have no real reason to believe they won’t come around once the network is live, just like any other apps here. They would still be able to earn the remaining maid, and who knows what it would be worth by network launch.


Ok, I’ll take that as an apology. If you feel like sending me some money, here is the address from which I “invested”, as I recall:
“I have nothing to hide” (™)

But please don’t kid yourself about some fantastic future delivery. These folks weren’t even able to write a website, let alone keep it running.


Im in no position to tell anyone what to do.

But endorsosing for $ is surely a bad idea.
Good to see you were honest about it though.


If anyone has any old documentation saying who the ETH escrows are, I’d be interested in getting in touch to see if they have any funds left.

Every other app that’s alive has people behind it who answer questions, even if they’re not here all the time. Gamerbits has closed down all communication channels and won’t reply to anyone who contacts them.

I’d say N99 is dead as well, because for whatever reason, they won’t respond to any communication.

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It definitely wasn’t only that. There aren’t many people in the world who really seem to understand or care deeply about MaidSafe so I’m always excited when someone shows genuine interest.

I’ve met several in my life who have had this interest and that has always been a big part of my partnerships, in any country. Anyone who cares about what SAFE is trying to achieve for the world usually gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

Also they legitimately created some test network apps here which always get me very excited. I’m still looking forward to that “Frames” video app and others. And will offer help to anyone else trying to learn. But not with money involved anymore. Just gets messy and distracting.

@Sascha I don’t have the keys to verify their eth tx’s or anything besides the maid but I’ll send you back your amount from my $3k worth. Can you send your GBTS? I’ll give an address on PM

Did you escrow your own (omni) coin SFSC?

Yes. And I think I used several currencies on the same addresses to make it simpler. I’ll have to check the wallet.

Is SFSC what you used? Do you want help with that?

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Probably not. The address is handled by my Exodus wallet. Do you have any suggestions?

I think Exodus lets you export your private keys, and then you can use something like MyCrypto (has a desktop version) or MyEtherWallet to send them.

It should be in settings

I also have a Trezor T. I’ll see what I can do when I have the time. (Rebuilding my shooting range and improving my little tobacco plot now). We can continue this over PM so as to not spam the forum. It would be good to have a website with exact instructions for everybody to follow, but if these jokers have cut all communication, I guess that is not an option.

You can grow tobacco in Finland? Or are you betting global warming will happen even faster than predicted?

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:slight_smile: Tobacco is surprisingly hardy. It’s a bit difficult to get the tiny seeds going, but once the plants start growing, they do surprisingly well. Even out here in the cold Gulf of Finland, I understand pretty much everybody grew their own tobacco less than a hundred years ago. Unfortunately the old-timers here were just kids then, and nobody has taught me how to cure it, so I’m sitting here with a bunch of green leaves from last year hanging from the ceiling. They are supposed to turn brown, but mine were freeze-dried, and I’m guessing that’s not good. Wanna move this to a different thread and call it, say, self-sufficiency?

I’m sending a prod out to them, I’ll give it a week or two I suppose out of courtesy, before I start taking steps with the escrow accounts

Have been discussing with @neo and some of the regulars here to find the best ways forward. Will post thoughts when the time comes