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Hello @Gamerbits. You are allowed to use the #apps category when you build a project for SAFE. Make sure to pay attention to these rules in our guidelines. Right now we miss a link with the SAFE technology in your whitepaper for example. So make sure to read these guidelines please.

  • Make it clear what your project is about and how the technology of SAFE is used to reach your goals.
  • Make it clear how the funds are secured (multisig/escrow?) and specify how you will spend the funds.
  • Share at least one full name (with links to a social media account or website) to show people who you are.

thank you.


Can we have mandatory GitHub creds for the team. No Git , No get.

This only one test of legitimacy, but it’s good start


Yes we have this information on our contractors page, where the small icons by the names link to our social media, Github profiles and more. All our current Gamerbits code has been made open source for open review, which is why our Crowdsale has seen this level of success thus far.

Some pieces from our contractors page:

Sruthie Kondamoori - lead asset design Pinterest LinkedIn Behance WayUp
Xijia Hu - Chinese Marketing - Google+ R3 (chinese social media walled)
William Gallo III - @whiteoutmashups technical SAFE Advisor FB LinkedIn Forums Twitter
Ayden Bob Lee - @aydenlee MaidSafe Asia correspondant, part of escrows FB Forums MaidSafe Asia
… & 13 more available on our company page

Github Links:
Gamerbits Foundation
Gamerbits Corporate Account
Gamerbits Github teams public profiles (additional private contractors)
SAFE Cold Storage App Repo & Demo
Gamerbits Base Wallet Repo & Demo
Gamerbits Block Explorer Repo & Demo
Gamerbits Omni Tests Repo
& 4 more open source software demos available on our Demos Page

Regards to the tiers of escrows systems, @aydenlee, head of the MaidSafe Asia Korea branch, is providing a multi-sig for Bitcoin ICO investments, assisted by @Jinho_Jang MaidSafe Asia Korea Branch assistant admin. For SAFE-FS coins and MaidSafeCoins, @whiteoutmashups is providing full escrow protection, as he has been a long standing community member of the SAFE Network for years, and I will let him explain his standards for release to us over time. We know his #1 priority is to see more applications made for the SAFE Network. These partnerships cover the vast majority of funds. We can seek additional escrows if needed, but the must be completely trusted.

Regards to referencing SAFE in our Whitepaper, the current app was in response to our advisors and in response to you all on the forums, and will be updated back into the Whitepaper now.

MaidSafe has a very large following in China, and with all our partners and helpers here we are going to be making applications to help secure the currency of our ICO coin holders using SAFE technology. This provides the dual benefit of added security for our users, and getting more open source applications made for the SAFE Network. It is also a unique feature that only we will be bringing to large tournaments in the eSports Industry in China. More info on that & our SAFE Net App on our Bitcontalk thread and YouTube.

We hope you are pleasantly surprised that much more than you have asked for is already available on our Gamerbits website, and in our Software Demos, and all across our many open source Github repositories. Thank you for the interest @polpolrene!


Thanks very much for the questions, we are here to answer,

Many of our contractors are working on a freelance basis, hired to complete a specific deliverable, and we are excited to take them on as full time employees of Gamerbits following a successful ICO crowdsale!

Always available to discuss our software with the MaidSafe community.

That is amazing, it’s currently our top recorded score! (Minus the “glitch trick” submissions we have received).

That amount of focus and mental fortitude are impressive

9,866 new highest score, we will update our Bitboy Highest Score thread.


Updated our sale figures displays with this morning’s additions.

Glad to see more investors joining! Please feel free to join on our forums

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It seems to not have copied over perfectly, but you may click the image above to see all its information.

but this is our official thread on Bitcointalk forums, for additional information.

You can read it in full here, has much more detail

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So how does this work? I send coins from a private address I control, bitcoin and then you send me gamerbits on Omni to that address?

If you send coins which are not Eth or ERC20 tokens, they cannot send your Gamerbit coins back to that address as you need an Ethereum wallet (myetherwallet for example) to store them (they are erc20 compliant tokens).

So you will need to email them with the text of a “signed message” (google how to sign a btc message) from the wallet you used (to prove the deposit was yours), and your new ETH address you want them to send the new coins to. It sounds more complicated than it is.

What I don’t know is when one needs to send that email. I assume anytime from now until after the ICO, and they’ll send your coins once they’re issuing them.


Yes @Zoki that is correct except for the final point. Feel free to use any of the accepted coins in our ICO at any time, and just keep access to the wallet you used.

The outline is in the whitepaper and slack post and most recently on our forum discussions.

This process of signing a message from your non-etheteum / erc20 ethereum token address begins after the ICO crowdsale receives it’s final count,

So yes you can simply invest with any of the accepted coins and make sure you keep your access to the wallet you used.

Feel free to always reach out to us for any other support as well


Will there be a consideration for limiting the amount any one person can invest? What if suddenly there are 10 people that contribute $50,000?

Yea, am interested in gamer bits. Nice project.

Myetherwallet - nice.

How is the $ value judged of a purchase? On the value of my crypto coin on the day I transfer crypto over to you? How are you tracking this? By minute, close price in a period, 5mins, 1 hour… 24 hours?

Crypto can move by a large amount over a day, want to know what I can expect to receive per buy.

I want to move cash in to a crypto, and move it j to gamerbits without to much interference from market movements.

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There is really no way to know this. You can’t tell by addresses, and we don’t know of any ICO that has taken this approach.

We also don’t want to limit tournament events and sponsors from purchasing what they need for their entire prize pool, which can be quite large these days.

Hi this is a good question, we have been discussing this in our slack channels before the sale start and in the interest of keeping it even, then the prices for all investors are averaged for the entire month for their coin, before sending out the Gamerbits.

This is so that people don’t hold until the very end, because there is no reason to do so in this system. Any investment you make at any point during our ICO is worth the same no matter when you invest,

Along with everyone else’s. Releives artificial pressure. Thank you.


Civic sort of took this approach. They had a combination of KYC (you could only invest once) and a drop-down from which you could only select one from a list of set $ amounts. Pretty annoying as it started at $1000, then $2,500, then $5000 etc.

But I think it’s probably more important for the startup to get the investment, than ensure it’s properly grass-roots funded (if you have to choose one route).

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(ah and veeery very cool you are using our amazing safenet !!! @Gamerbits you seem to get the vision =) and since @whiteoutmashups supports you nothing can go wrong! :slight_smile: good luck with the crowdsale! )


Thank you for your words Mr @riddim, is that score yours? Great job, it is our newest top score! I’ll submit this to the thread,

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I don’t want to stir the pot but this has nothing to do with the SafeNetwork as far as I can tell? It’s an Ethereum based project correct?
Seems a little sneaky to build a basic Web App that is essentially an advert to then use the more visible apps category to promote your ICO.
Maybe I missed it, can you please point me to where and how it’s connected to the SafeNetwork?


I was thinking the same. I saw @polpolrene step in and note guidelines. Is this forum turning into a pump machine for ICO’s? If these guys are doing something to benefit MaidSafe, as you say, it’s good but is it camouflage?

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Is there an exact amount of how much free open source code we need to at least have a topic on this forum? That is quite unreasonable,

There have been many threads on here about apps that devs have made for SAFE, are we not allowed the same?

If we make an app, and have more planned, can we truly not post it on the apps category? Does that seem correct?

There are many sides to our project, and the security is huge, and support we’ve given and received from this community. We ain’t deserve a thread?

Even when NVO has a thread, takes much more, and never delivers anything on SAFE at all? We have already delivered, and will continue to, or else @whiteoutmashups will not release his escrow to us. We have made agreements to produce more apps for SAFE based on his requirements, please outline those long term plans publicly @whiteoutmashups to fix this