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I asked for a link by e-mail but was only sent this screenshot:


4 transactions came out today, so the others could be on their way.


Did you try putting your address in

Once you’ve entered your address, look at the ‘misc’ section and you should see ‘token tracker’. Here you’ll be able to see your token balances on this address, and there should be some ‘GBTS’ if the transfer has worked.


I still did not get mine, no pending transaction as well to my address. Well I can see 32 ETH donations/investments in excel sheet and only 18 transactions on pool. So? Can @Gamerbits please enlighten me how all transfers are done?

Excel sheet:


To check in myetherwallet you need to click add token and add the following

Contract Address:



You can then change the amount to send from eth to gbts


For the record I received mine a while back


Hey guys yeah you all can use for gamerbits just like you use for MAID PDC SFSC etc

Just go to the site and search ur address the same way. That’s what I’ve been doing


Done that long ago.

Done that too. Still no result. you can compare the excel and transactions to see the differences yourself.


Done that too. Still no result. you can compare the excel and transactions to see the differences yourself.

Yup… .I recommend this. Not all addresses have coins.


@moderators can I suggest we move this off the front page?

The crowdsale is over, there’s nothing here of interest to newcomers to SAFEnetwork IMO, nothing going on relevant to the Apps category, and it’s quite embarrassing to be associated with this shower let alone promoting it daily at the top of the forum.


Hello?? Any update? @Gamerbits


And like that they were gone. Not looking good for this project. One for the live and learn pile.



Lol… Hate to say told you so lads… Nothing but hot air. Who wants my 11k coins for 1 MS coin? Lol. Raises a good point though… I was told a while back it was not allowed to post buy and sell classifieds for MS coins here… Fine but how in the heck are people allowed to post ICOs then? Makes no sense, no consistency.


Oh we’re doing that then? If you truly don’t still believe, send all your Gamerbits here: 0x02BEbf3178eBDdFD883C9D754e518aC46D2f1D26
I received mine for getting the high score just the other day. IIRC Jabba was saying some ICOs just take this long.

I don’t like waiting either, but I’m not going to act like that. Others can, fine, since it’s all about belief.


I hope they are better at coding and business development than they are at comms. It doesn’t bode well.

I am still waiting for any kind of response to two emails and one DM via this forum. I invested using Safe FS and am still awaiting my tokens (or at least I was when I last checked a couple of days ago).

@whiteoutmashups What’s your involvement with them right now? Are you still in possession of the escrowed Safe FS contributions?

A delay like this and showing no regard whatsoever for their relatively small number of token holders / community members / project supporters is inexcusable.

Wake up guys, and do your reputation some good.


With respect, the complaint isnt the waiting (which im more than prepared to do also), it is the fact that @Gamerbits state they have made all transfers and that the issue is closed, when clearly this is not the case. I agree with @danski that it is showing very little regard for their investors which is not a great start. Plus I could understand if there were 100s of investors and a few transactions get lost, but in this case there really isnt that many to justify this situation. We have money tied up in something which we arent sure we will see again, which in turn could be being put to use elsewhere.

Anyway, I still hold out hope for the project and that everything gets sorted. But time is ticking along now…


Seems a number of transactions have happened recently. I now have my GBTS so I would advise checking your addresses. Many thanks @Gamerbits and lets get the project going!


I have also received my gbts. Thanks @Gamerbits. Like @Younggun1uk said let’s get this project going :+1:t2:


Hello, many of our transactions had been in limbo in the Ethereum blockchain memory pool for quite some time, as several much larger ICOs had been happening recently, pushing regular transactions into the depths.

We have recently doubled the gas on many of our transactions, which seems to have proven successful. Everyone is encouraged to view our most recent spreadsheet here, as it has the most current status of dispersals:

All Ethereum addresses that we have discussed are now displaying their blockchain transaction ID’s on the right, to clear up anyone’s confusion in this area.

Many of you have began confirming your Bitcoin or altcoin addresses, and therefore have received your Gamerbits at your Ethereum address. We still await the rest of the responses and successful verifications with the micro verification amount system.

Please we urge the rest to contact us at so that this process can finish. All parties who have invested with Ethereum (despite the two addresses with the core error on the spreadsheet) have received their Gamerbits with their TXID (Transaction ID)'s available on the right hand side.

Please contact us so that this process can complete. Thank you.

Can we please be a less confontational community? It doesn’t help anything, and doesn’t put us any closer to the vision of decentralizing eSports. This is not what the SAFE community is truly like, we do believe, and will overlook these confrontational statements (to an extent).

This as well, it is of the same manner.

Thank you,

  • Gamerbits Team