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Sadly, it looks like you’re right. I appreciate @beermenow’s kind words, but I still feel like a jackass. Again. Not for asking for help, but for investing in the first place. The good thing is I only put small amounts of money in projects like this and NVO, mainly in order to learn about how crypto works in practice. I don’t invest more than I can loose. What bothers me is I didn’t learn from my first screw-up with NVO, so I’m basically disappointed in myself. Oh well. I’m not a young man, but maybe I’m still able to learn something. Did this ICO have some kind of escrow system?

Note to self:

  1. Never give money to people with outdated and broken websites.
  2. Don’t trust people just because they hang around the Safenet forum and seem to be respected here.

Pretty obvious, really. :roll_eyes:

Seems like I’m a hard-boiled skeptic only in theory. In practice I’m a gullible schmuck.


I wouldn’t worry too much just yet personally. I mean, you may be right, but I’ve never had tokens delivered that quickly after a crowdsale anyway. I know this is only a small sale and they are just ERC20 tokens, but still, it’ll be a while until they are traded and usable anyway so I’m not in a rush.

I bought in for a relatively small amount and I was prepared for it to be a long shot (I write off ICO investments as soon as I make them anyway), but I think it’s still a bit early to worry. You might have just been unlucky and they’ve missed your emails for some reason. Fwiw I have DM’d gamerbits a few times and always had a response within 24 hours and the response has always solved my issue. I also got an email confirmation RE verification.

I’d give it another week or two before you bother kicking yourself for making a mistake. From what I’ve seen so far this doesn’t seem to be an obvious con or anything. If it were I would not have expected any contact once the sale was over. :thinking:


I agree. But still, how are these people going to run a successful business if they can’t handle a few simple payouts - way fewer than they probably were expecting? How are they going to survive in a competitive market if they are so understaffed they can’t fix their website, handle their own forums or reply to investors’ e-mails? It doesn’t have to be a straight out con to be a bad investment.


Legitimate concerns for sure.

I recall a fair few crowdsales being handled really badly post sale and still ending up big though… IOTA being the most pronounced example. I wrote a long and scathing post on BCT forums in response to the way they were handling claims and treating their investors. They told me (and dozens of others) to f#*k off, they ended up re-doing the ‘claim’ process 3 times and it took 18 months until the final claim was sorted and the coins were trade-able on a public exchange.

It doesn’t look good from where you’re standing now, but long shots rarely good at the start. Maybe they’re really busy building value for the project and being low on resources means they’ve prioritised that goal over us for now?

/too optimistic? :wink:


They may be legit, i see no contrary evidence.

Them burning through , was it 6 or 8 pcs just to get a working node for eth would be more of a concern for me, had i invested.

Hope you all do ok out of this when its done.


Interesting. Would you mind posting a link?


Took a while to dig it out. I’m Jabbawa on BCT. You can follow a lot of the conversation here, although you’ll miss some of the worse threats and verbal abuse he sent my via PM lol. I’ll PM you those if you want a chuckle. I also got a lot of PMs from other IOTA users offering their support and sympathy, but few were willing to stand up to David in case he stole their coins (forced refund @ ico price).

N.B this over a year after the crowdsale and he still has the power to steal your coins back at cost - even though they are worth 20x at the time.


It’s the world we live in now sadly.

Crypto respectfully, has a tonne of very bright people in it, unfortunately most are a little short on business acumen and/or life experience. That’s just the nature of the beast and a direct result of how everything’s evolved so quickly.

Sure if you tell me to my face to just piss off when I’m after some degree of customer service I’ll probably get the first hook in before you realise what’s gone on but it’s online and well sadly it’s a different world (shouldn’t be but its mostly treated that way).

We are all incredibly lucky to have people like David, Harmen and Will who for their respective projects would jump online in bed if needed to deal with any issues. I think that’s why we get annoyed with situations like this when it’s not clear as to whether there is an actual larger issue just yet.

We’ll get an indication on @gamerbits response and more importantly how it’s worded as to whether it’s a case of other priorities atm and a genuine/professional want on their behalf to alleviate the outlined concerns.

This post is not intended to inflame the situation or targeting the gamerbits crew it’s a broader discussion that is very relevant for future offerings amongst this community.

Looking forward to the response given.

As someone else mentioned hope it all works out well for all involved :slightly_smiling_face:


It can maybe take a day before GBTS can be traded on Etherdelta, as I indicated in my previous post, it’s an easy setup. Maybe 2 weeks before the token is on the Bancor exchange, because you need to contact the Bancor folks at (Here are reasons why you want to be on that exchange example1 and example2). From an UX using Etherdelta is challenging, but Bancor is super simple.

This is one of the reason why they should not burn their leftover tokens, they’ll need them if they want this project to survive in the future. Just in case you think the market decides the prices of things, search: Martin Shkreli :rofl: IMHO unsold tokens are like money in the bank that you decide the price of, as long as you keep the project going. It would be foolish to think that the market of today is the market of tomorrow, just because cryptonerds didn’t buy your tokens today, doesn’t mean that future investors won’t be interested, as long as the project makes progress everything is possible.

@Gamerbits thanks for the lessons :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very measured answer. My concern is that we may get forgotten about and once @Gamerbits begin to develop their product and get market traction our coins will be lost forever. Then the price will no doubt shoot to $4 and we will be crying ourselves to sleep :frowning:


Thank you for all the replies, and we hope that you are keeping track, as:

We urge the rest to email us at and get this process underway as several address holders still have not emailed us to begin.

Thank you, will continue updates. We are just awaiting the rest to complete their communications with us.

Thank you,

  • Gamerbits Team


I am one :sob:. Having a pain of a time getting my new PC up and running due to windows having some issues on the new hardware.

I’ll dig up my address(s) and email you in the next 48 hours.


For the record, the one appears to be me. I was finally contacted by e-mail today. Let’s see how this goes.


Sorry @Gamerbits I still havent received my tokens so I dont think all your Ethereum addresses have been compensated. I will email you my address and hope this can be resolved quicky.


Sorry @Gamerbits I haven’t received my tokens either. @Sascha beat me to it thought I was the one in the mempool


Think theres a few of us…


So is it or is it not “one” stuck in the mempool, @Gamerbits?


My eth address is not in the ethplorer link given by gamerbits. However when i check directly my eth address on the blockchain using ethplorer or etherscan, the gamerbits is there and all is good.


Could you give some instructions on how to view.
Cant see anything on my address either.
Also, how do you check the pools?


No such luck for me :frowning: