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This project’s budget is $200K and the plan is to burn $700K!

For starters your coin will come in at the 600 range on coinmarketcap, due to your marketcap of $200K.

All these coins have a Low Vol, I would even argue that most people visiting CMC don’t even look past the top 100 and most coins in that segment are not on populair exchanges (Sorry for the sum up, but this is all marketing that comes automatic after an ICO).

$200K divided by 12 Gamerbits devs = $16.666 per dev, is there even a budget in here for marketing and are devs really that cheap?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should reconsider burning $700K, because maybe your current budget won’t make your project viable in the long run (SAFE Network projects are devs/time consuming, this is from my clueless consumer p.o.v.). Although the SAFENETFORUM crowd is loyal, not all your investors will have that same attitude, they’ll sell your coin as soon as it hits the exchange.

The $700K could one day help you with the unkown unknown that your project might face (especially with the rapid changes on the Ethereum network & SAFE Network). Those who have the luxury to burn money, should have an already working project, excellent marketing and super attractive coin. With less than 100 investors, a low budget…


If those Gamerbits were worth $700k they would have sold. They didn’t, so the market doesn’t value them at that amount.

They wouldn’t be burning $700k, but rather burning unsold tokens that if used could dilute early investors, reducing their investments to around 30% of their undiluted value.

Investors wouldn’t sign up for a crowdsale where their holdings will be strongly diluted if the target amount isn’t reached.

I guess an arrangement could be found that suits investors, while generating more resources later on if milestones are reached. E.g. 50% of unsold tokens can be put up for sale at no less than 5x crowdsale price, with the other 50% distributed proportionately to shareholders as these sales occur (so dilution only happens once there’s a 5x price rise, and new tokens are issued to early imvestors to counter the dillution to some degree).

Any dilution may annoy some, but if the resources are needed, and it’s done sensitively, it could increase the overall potential of the project, and bring bigger long term returns to early investors.

However, just selling them on the market in the future at the expense of early investors would certainly not go down well for those who’ve taken a big risk.



Eight computers later, we have successfully installed an updated Ethereum Full Node and have created our GBTS and are beginning dispersal. The first Gamerbits have been sent out here.

Thank you for your patience and we are deeply sorry for the added time.

We have been replying to emails and redirecting users to our updates on Bitcointalk and here.

As stated earlier, Ethereum and ETH-based altcoin investors are receiving theirs first, and then transactions will begin to be verified for all other coins. Entries in red in our spreadsheet here still need to be confirmed, so make sure you email us at thank you!


Great job @Gamerbits thanks for all your hard work.


This is so cool!!

Had the ICO ended?


Yep. Ico is over. Maybe you can buy of someone or wait for an exchange if they manage to get listed on one.


Any progress? I don’t think I have received my tokens till now.


Just visiting a friend who work for a well known games company - says there absolutely is space for this currency.
If an accepted gamer coin existed, in game mobile purchases would be more profitable, for example you imideatly remove apple and Google 30% slice. You could purchase in game items by sending coins to a pre generated address for example tagged to an item which a games co.pany could sell back to cash at an exchange.

Real opportunities are available for this coin, between gamers and purchases from companies.

Can wait to see my coins.

Only 1 address rolled out for now though.


Great project and looking forward to seeing the progress and the potential, have to agree with @Zoki.

Do you have any update on the exchanges this coin will be available to trade on?


Yes thank you, almost all Ethereum and relevant ETH-alt tokens have been compensated with their Gamerbits, as seen here.

Refilling gas and moving to the next coins,

so we urge everyone to contact us at our email and get underway with your verifications! Thank you!


Good stuff.

Anyway, I e-mailed you with my own logic on how to verify my transactions, but I don’t recall seeing an official way of doing so. Just hoping my GBits have a safe home soon! I don’t know how ETH works at all, so I don’t know if I should’ve provided you with an address, or if you’re providing it.


I just found this forum post, and I installed Exodus. I e-mailed you my Eth address! Hope that sorts it out, though I still need to re-find how to do this “verification”, unless I already did that successfully.

Oh my bad I thought the post above me stated that most of the NON-ethereum verifications were already done, lol. So I was getting a little worried about my non-Eth contribution. I’ll be more patient once again!


Can I check my balance on my ether wallet?


I can see 18 transactions but not showing on my account. Hope they would send it soon.


I have purchased gamerbits using my Jaxx ethereum wallet but have not received them yet. Do I need to get verification?


@Gamerbits like you can read in this post

"EtherDelta allows any ERC20 token to be traded by users. There are many tokens that are officially listed on the platform; the URL for these tokens looks like this:

For any tokens that are not officially listed by the site, you can still trade them just the same using the address of the ERC20 token contract (the genesis contract that is used to create the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and distribute them to users). To do this, you just modify the URL to include this address, like so:"

So maybe you want to also add GBTS to Etherdelta, thanks and keep up the good work.


So you used etherium? No need to do anything, just wait.
They are rolling coins out steadily. I have every confidence in @Gamerbits , thanks for battling through.



Just with @Gamerbits saying they were moving on to the next coins I was a bit worried. Thanks for the quick response @Zoki I will do my best to keep patient :+1:t2:


Things are funny the way they work out I was the most critical that first trans is mine… Mwa Ha Ha Ha :joy:


Whinge and win as they say :wink:


Squeaky wheel gets the oil… Haha :joy:

ERC-20 Transition