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Has anybody seen there Gamer Bits yet? ICO Closed 2 weeks ago.


@goindeep I’ll give you a pat on the back re your earlier posts on this one re timeliness/detail, I’m sure there’s delays here for a reason but coming from our Country where things are so strict when it comes to investing it is a bit off putting to see things dragging along.

@Gamerbits 100% understand it’s the weekend and your previous post does mention the 48hr plus delays but can you please use this as a prompt to get back to the forum with an update :slight_smile:

Ps: just brief daily updates is fine even if there’s nothing new :wink:

Cheers @Gamerbits


If anyone is genuinely interested in assisting this process, they can make a Gamerbits token with an Ethereum full node using the Mist wallet contracts and send them to our Ethereum address, the total supply is 90,000,000 and there are 8 decimal places.

Otherwise, if all that is offered is false claims from @goindeep we can not spend time on that,

Are continuing as explained above, with the new methods, and any genuine interest from anybody to assist in quickening this process is appreciated.

  • Gamerbits Team


There you go again. I asked a question and made a statement. As usual you just dive in head first and start swinging as if it’s a drunken bar room brawl.

You’d be really easy to bait actually.

All I know is I also read your own forum and there are people asking questions there also about how to get their tokens, what they need to do and what the process is and you have not answered them thus far and yes it has been two weeks since your sale closed and if I recall you don’t have thousands of backers you need to fulfill you have like 65. Surely you should of planned for this so don’t take your anger out on me because I’m the one calling your methods into question.


Could you link to the contract you want to use to create the tokens? I guess it’ll be the same as the one you used for Test gamerbits?

Out of interest, what happened since issuing test Gamerbits that prevents you issuing Gamerbits in the same manner?

I can try to get an Ethereum node running to help out in the next few days, though I’m sure there are others with one running already who can help out more quickly if you provide the contract.


I think I would be thinking more clearly about how to get into Ethereum (so that I can get my address ready for the needed GB tokens), since I’ve never personally done that in my life until this thread’s unique crowdsale, but my mind is being extremely clouded. Thanks for nothin’, goindeep. Everyone’s just trying to get their shit going, and here you are being an unprovoked baby. Literally not a single person has the same amount of vitriol you do. In fact, you’re not even helping anything at this point. You are doing the exact opposite. There’s nothing that will change your attitude, even after everything is all hunky dory. There is literally no reason for your behavior other than to make a populace of patient people groan in anxiety and uncertainty. I would like you to go away, but you can do whatever the hell you want, I guess. There is nothing to plan for except for the present time. Anyway, I’m still trying to fully sync Omni Core. It’s taking forever, lol! I’m so new to getting an Ethereum address that I don’t even know if I need to wait for their (Ethereum’s) own sync, or if I can sign up for an Ethereum address using an Omniwallet-type website. Thanks!

Apologies for the outburst, emotions tend to just settle down eventually, but I felt it had to be at least said.


The link to the main Ethereum solidity contract for new tokens was copied and used in the Mist wallet.

Yes the Ethereum blockchain seems to have increased dramatically in size since then and has been filling up many of our computers, causing us to have to restart the process on other machines, even with copying the blockchain files with USB 3.0 drives.

This would be a great help and thank you for the support

We understand the image this trouble gives publicly and greatly apologize for the delays, and have officially chosen against our Windows machines are reformatting a drive so that our Linux machine can use fast sync.


Good update @Gamerbits :+1:


I’m not the one selling anything here or taking peoples hard earned money for what is yet to amount to anything.

We’ll see what GBits amounts to, eventually. My bet is absolutely nothing hence my very loud and open frankness. Maybe I’ve seen more than you, maybe I have been around for longer or maybe yeah I just am a bit of a prick sometimes, maybe but I generally have a good nose for these things, we’ll see.


Maybe you are right most of the time but a little bit of humble pie will go a long way. Try it.


Waiting for a pic of the pie from American Pie to be posted to lighten the mood …:laughing::blush::laughing:


Here you go. Posted on wrong chat group.:rofl:


I’m sure @goindeeps one might look a little different :smile::wink:
Mood lightened thankyou :slight_smile:


I’m giving it a shot, but from reading a few posts it seems that there are very widespread issues getting Ethereum’s wallet to sync that have not yet been resolved, so at least I know it’s the Ethereum developers’ fault and not yours :smiley:

I’ll let you know if it syncs, but I’m not hopeful!


Lol youre not using that in the right context :joy: for me to eat humble pie I’d have to be proven Wrong. Currently not the case.


@Gamerbits since I invested in this project here a little input. is Redistributing Unsold Kin, to the people who donated to their project

Unlike they don’t just BURN money

Do you guys plan to use or redistribute the gbits tokens? Would make up for the time your investors had to wait for their tokens.

input # 2

I would advice you guys to partner (most posts are partnerships) with Bancor , the reason why?

Your ERC20 token will get instant liquidity, in other words if you partner with them your investors will have an SmartcontractExchange, so you don’t need a centralized exchange to exchange your tokens (this further means exchanging Gbits to BNT and using to exchange BNT to whatever, 2 hops is not that bad I would say).

Good luck with the job :stuck_out_tongue:


I was asking the same, I asked whether they were planning to burn or not. But got no reply from them. Really as the time is passing by I am becoming less and less convinced by the team. Asked several time to update their website still no feedback. Their website is still showing crowdsale. :disappointed:


I always assumed they would just sell the remaining tokens furrther down the road.
Though i admit i did not look far for answers.
And as for burning, it decreases coin supply, pushing up value, so is not a waste. Imo.


Burning them was the plan that we discussed with the communities.

Have began another --fast --cache 1024 sync on a new OS instance last night, making progress, this is a 500GB machine so we do hope for no further issues with the Ethereum blockchain filling it up anymore.

Will leave running all day as well and hope for its completion, thank you.


Burning or redistributing the coins according to the % buyin is equally great for anyone who took part. Nice. :slight_smile: