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I see my transaction. Looking forward to seeing gamerbits on some exchanges. Got a good feeling about this one but who knows in the wild west of ICO land.


Well done! Looking forward to seeing how your plans start shaping up now you know what resources you have to work with for now.

Do you have any plans for regular community updates, perhaps in a similar vein to MaidSafe’s weekly updates?

Hope you all have fun getting this going, and also a lot of success!


Well Done and I hope all goes well for you and the people who donated.



And everyone should know you can expand the columns on the spreadsheet to see the full details where the chart data is pulled from. Important data to discuss openly and transparently is the coin prices, which are listed again below (as that was a point of discussion and debate earlier on these forums, especially around SFSC):

BTC Price: $4,865
ETH Price: $365.46
SFSC Price: $0.048
MAID Price: $0.672
LTC Price: $49.313
BAT Price: $0.263
DOGE Price: $0.0024
IOTA Price: $0.97
PDC Price: $0.221

These were taken from weighed averages on the final quarter of the ICO sale, each one from its top 3 (where applicable) largest volume exchanges. Even more than the transactions themselves, these data points required decision-making, and the same valuation technique was applied equally to all coins.

By taking this type of average, all investors receive more coins than if we were to take the current price after the ICO has closed (as China dump / blatant market-manipulation news has temporarily dampened markets–to their obvious financial adantage…). We feel this valuation system is the correct approach.


Doh, seeing that makes me realise I should have bought in with IOTAs.

Someone even mentioned it would be an edge to wait for the weighted av to play out and I forgot to check despite not buying in until the last day. /grr @ self


Yea, it’s been a very good deal. Very happy.
What’s an IOTA? Greek for 10?


IOTA is based on tangle design rather than blockchain. It hopes to be the IoT backbone. It scales, is quicker and has no fees, but is still PoW and you have to do the ‘work’ yourself. It is also still centralised by the coordinator and ‘might’ always be… in a nutshell :wink:


If you look on Ethplorer, you can see some of the Gamerbits are being dispatched already!


How can i sign transaction in omniwallet? I sent email to gamerbits support but have not got any answer.


I was using omni the other day. Now im not 100 % sure here as ive always signed from a qt wallet.

I think i saw an option to sign a message, if i did it was where you look at your addresses once logged in.

There was a button i think labelled options /address options, where you can choose to delete your pvt key from the omni wallet.

If im right , thats where you will find it.
If not, sorry, maybe i imagined it.
Certainly worth a look though.


Still your website has not updated yet? I am guessing none of your “12 developers” has any time to update it? Seriously if you cant update your website even after 1 week of ICO end, I am really not sure how you would complete the whole process in time. I have seen smaller teams doing much faster and efficient work.


Yo bro you mean this?

Why call it “test” Gamerbits though? Good luck with the distribution :grinning:


Those will be Test Gamerbits, as were previously announced and offered for free to test issuing an ERC20 token, hence the name.

The tokens being issued now will not be these test Gamerbits, but the final token.


When will they be issued? Any idea?


They said three days after the count which I believe was yesterday or day before… No point in rushing. Not like you can sell exchange or trade them.


I am not rushing but their behaviors do not seem to be professional at all. The website is still showing that crowdsale is going on. No time to update?


No idea - I can’t see any on the few addresses from the spreadsheet I’ve checked so far.

On their forum, they say they’ve already started (, so I guess it shouldn’t be long.



We appreciate the patience, as we are regrettably a bit behind schedule.

This full node update process is mandatory, and in the Ethereum community it is known to take anywhere from 2 - 48+ hours, as has proven true here. Our node has been updating for 4 days and we are switching to geth sync cache --1024 --fast and other arguments to expedite the process for you all.

All Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, Gnosis, Golem and Augur investments will receive their Gamerbits first, as they are automatically confirmed as having a verified Ethereum address already, through their investment.

After all Gamerbits have been successfully dispatched to those groups, the verifications for the altcoins will begin (and some have already began with us at

Thank you for your patience, and the tokens are being distributed as quickly as is possible for us.

  • Gamerbits Team


All good here. I payed via non-Ethereum; and I still need to finish the rest of this very long Omni-Core blockchain transaction history download. So I’ll worry about Gamerbits after that.
In the meantime, everyone can help grow the current Alpha 2.


Yea. I gave up on running a full etherium node. Pain in the neck to get it up and synced, settled for a light weight online wallet for this ICO. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

Edit: I am in full control of my private keys.