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I think you may be taking some of these questions/criticisms too personally. ICO’s in general have a problem going forward as they are aimed at raising money from normal everyday folks. Unfortunately, these folks may be expecting a 100% success rate of all the projects they have invested in. Heaven help any CEO who doesn’t give a good ROI in a timely manner, let alone fail all-together, regardless of their good intentions. :slight_smile:

Add into this ICO mix the Con-man who just wants to run away with huge amount of money and the questions and criticisms grow proportionally. As they should. It would seem this community is asking the right questions, even if they are somewhat direct or confronting. Please don’t take it personally.

I have invested in quite a few ICO’s amongst other things (including Gamerbits). I do not expect a 100% success rate, although a few future winners would be nice.

So of course I wish you well.

Oh, I almost forgot, stick with Maidsafe.


I don’t think everyone is being hostile, though obviously one or two are.

Try not to let a couple of people being unreasonable / hostile taint your view of the whole community.

I’m sure most here want to see your success.

It’s worth listening to constructive criticism & learning from it, but don’t let overly negative comments get to you - just prove them wrong :slight_smile:


Not everyone is being hostile. Some, including me, are actually trying to help reporting bugs like broken links on your website. It’s frustrating when you ignore this. The links reported to be broken are still broken.


We’ve been down this road a few days ago have we not… quietly and politely just get back to work @Gamerbits :ant::ant::wink:
fwiw I’m very neutral towards your efforts and get the idea (I was a counter strike devotee) but if you want to have a look at how the NVO narrative changed towards the community on here the penny might drop as to why your not getting a break (pretty much two young ego fuelled kids stamping their feet and letting us all know why they were entitled to do so). DONT keep making this mistake. Work work work quiet quiet quiet ROI’s for everyone :+1: :+1::+1::+1:


Still it’s a low blow to say PM’s aren’t being answered. Nobody can know that for certain unless needless excess time is spent on the dev’s part to prove it (or just dismiss it as a waste of time I guess). Anyway, back on track. Here’s to hoping major next-step(s) progress happens today or tomorrow: sending people their bits (after proving via signature for those who sent to the crowdsale via non-Ethereum wallets) and getting on exchanges.


The joys of faceless online forums hey :slightly_smiling_face:
Nonetheless the forum can pretty much go to town on them if they choose it’s their cash, same would happen in the wild face to face.
A good CEO/COO knows this and is skilled with how to handle all the above, @nicklambert is the perfect example of this, professional, measured and respectful, that’s what experienced (and deep pocketed) investors want :wink:


Flattery will get you everywhere, some MAID coming your way Sir!


Not required :blush: stay in stealth till beta (not gunna be popular there) and I’ll happily send you MAID :wink:


You keep stirring the pot and giving people reason to distrust you. My estimation of you keeps dropping I’m afraid. It’s immature and counter productive to complete your ICO and then accuse “everyone on this forum” of anything, but of being accusatory and hostile… lol.

I’ve seen several examples now, and experienced one myself, where people have pointed out something genuine that was disappointing to them, and you have dismissed or denied it outright in public. In my case it was not answering me on Slack for over three weeks (so I’m inclined to believe you also have not answered all the PMs as you claim). It’s this behaviour that creates mistrust and annoyance, and why some here, not all, have gone a bit over the top.

Clearly you don’t mean what you just said and it’s just an emotional outbust, but it isn’t reassuring to say the least.


Just to add my positive experience. I have a had direct PMs to me from @Gamerbits
Thank you @Gamerbits

I guess thats how NEWS also works, bad stuff is amplified, which I why i’ve made an effort to state my positive experience.
Also had my questions answered publicly here.


Um…where and when did you respond to the PM I sent you? If you did and I missed it, my bad. But I don’t see any response(s) from you besides this one.


So, in an effort to clear this up, I will take my questions public. As you know I was one of the new folks that made a rookie mistake and sent tokens via coinbase. You said I could still prove that I sent the coins via screenshots and possibly doing smaller transactions. Now that the crowdsale is over, how and when, can we coordinate this?

Personally, I would like to coordinate this through PM’s but if there are issues (not indicating blame) public will work.


Does that include not answering to people on your own forums? :joy:




Gamerbits ICO Numbers Released

Thank you all for the bit of patience, and we have internally reviewed and cross-examined our figures with our team, advisors and initial investors. Our spreadsheet is available here and we urge everyone to review your transactions are correct, as we have already. Download for full aesthetic backgrounds.

We are posting this on all our major channels, and are giving this three days for any possible issues to be pointed out. At that time, we will begin requesting and walking everyone through the process to sign transactions, for those purchases that have not been verified yet.

To get started early, you can email us at

Thank you, always here for support

  • Gamerbits Team


Well done guys. :slight_smile:



Thank you for this. Kindly update your website as well, it is still showing ICO is in progress which is kinda misleading. And how to proceed with the claim of Gamerbits?


20 characters minimum message requirement


Nice just checked the downloaded sheet. Thanks again. And nice excell background!

Looking forward to hearing more. :slight_smile:


I see my tx, all looks good.

Congrats on raising the money you did. It may not have sold out, but $250k is still 5x more than most projects were raising here a year ago.

Good luck dude, I really hope you make a success of the project!