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Because A) I think most ico’s are scams B) I see nothing of value in this C) there are so many small inconsistencies like linking to pages on their own site from their own home page that don’t even exist. D) saying they’ll be listed on exchanges (their not), saying they are sponsoring large gaming events (their not)… Etc… E) using wallet templates and calling it their own software…


I guess in many ways this is an example of what is great about this forum.
I agree with some of what you say and some I don’t but i’m wired to take the route @happybeing has mentioned before about sometimes just saying nothing.
In this case i guess if your intention is to ask people to look closer at these things before investing then yes direct or not your comments have their place and should be welcomed.
As for Gamerbits, i know they are active on this forum and read our posts, they shouldn’t be offended by these sorts of things in the slightest, if they are legitimate they would see this as a necessary initiation from a Community that has been burned in the past and really only have the community members best interests at heart.
Posters such as @goindeep and @BigBTC are valuable in that way. Sure it can cross over to being a little direct at times but we’re all wired differently and for good reason
@whiteoutmashups my personal opinions aside appreciate your work on this one whicever way it turns out :+1:


Hello we have explained to you many times, and you keep repeating that you can’t understand what all the others on here are grasping and many are even helping to explain to you.

We began with absolutely nothing, a limited team and a goal. We apologize that we were not utimately perfect from day 1, but that is asking a great deal.

This demand has never made sense. You can’t become listed during an ICO, and certainly while nobody has their tokens yet.

We have laid the basic partnerships for larger sponsorships, and now that we have part of the funds to do this, you will be able to see results. ICOs are to raise money so that the project can be worked on, if you look at MaidSafe etc in your community.

These are not reasons

We have expanded upon MEW significantly in terms of language, design and many things to bring it to the eSports audience. If you would PLEASE read the material we linked you several times you would understand the vision of the project. Now that we have a bit of funds we can expand the functionality side as well, but have done a considerable amount already, with absolutely nothing. You inevsted $8 million in NVO and they had zero software available at all at the beginning, only a completely unedited clone of an open source wallet.

We will not repeat our answers here to you any more, because you will not listen to anything and have dedicated yourself to a negatie attitude towards us for no comprehensible reason. We are trying to decentralize finance and help gamers who are regularly and systematically taken advantage of by middlemen. Your hate is hugely misguided, and should be pointed at the large controlling groups siphoning millions and billions from regular people. Not Gamerbits. This is our last message to the account @goindeep (unless they read, and/or decide to listen)


You may be just venting and be frustrated which I’m sure we all understand :slightly_smiling_face:
The older (not necessarily wiser but older) you get the more you realise with that disagreements/arguments like this, yes, verbal sparring is great as you feel better and get your point across but take a step back and look at where the criticisms originate from…they aren’t aimed solely at Gamerbits they come from a deeper place and like it or not you need to accept posters like @goindeep
You’ve done the right thing by initially addressing his/her questions, after that if someone doesn’t see your point of view your time and energy should go back into development not venting :wink:
It takes time and a stack of modesty to say to oneself “okay in my eyes he doesn’t get it and gives us a hard time, all I can do now is diligently head off and produce the end product”, the more you look into this community the more you’ll see this particular attitude reflected :+1:


@goindeep may be a bit too negative, but he does have a point. The website is frankly horrible. And that is not just an opinion as the code actually doesn’t work and links are still broken.

a href=“crowdsale-.html” class=“button style3 big” style=“background-color:green;”>JOIN CROWDSALE

See also:

You don’t have to start with a lot of money or a big team to make a functioning website.


This team Marketing campaign is totaly worst I’ve ever seen… Let’s see what they will do with money they got now


I don’t know about the worst I’ve seen, cos I am old (@beermenow ;-)) and have seen much, but this has been my concern because as I understand it, the value of this proposition hangs on the ability of the team to persuade a lot of different people of various things, not least their own competences (which have frequently looked weak IMO).

I think it is likely there’s a market for what gbits are offering, but I’ve not been convinced this team have the people to do it. It seems 90% marketing to me, and I don’t understand their plans, and have not been convinced that they’ve yet scored anything of substance in this respect.

I can imagine @Gamerbits jumping up and down reading that last part, as s/he has been trying to put that case, but you haven’t managed to for me, and that’s a problem not just for the ICO obviously. Persuading people that your system is the bomb is what you now have to do and I don’t have confidence.

So, there’s my personal opinion. I was interested to back this right to the end but everyday I could not make the call based on what I’ve read, seen and and answered, and finally watched. I hope @Gamerbits you can take these points on board and use them positively, to strengthen your efforts so that the project will be a success, not least so those that have invested can be rewarded. My opinions are certainly no guide to what will happen from an investment standpoint! This is a guy who stayed out of early bitcoin and Ethereum despite looking quite hard at each, so don’t be discouraged ;-), although I think in both those cases they have a way to go. SAFE too of course :slight_smile:


Well to code everything as planned while having to deal with overly negative people (especially in one’s mind, though I’m sure it’s not every second), it could be annoying, but hopefully the end products are the same, or even better as a result of occasionally reflecting on overly harsh criticisms. I can imagine the following being thought while continuing to work towards the Gamerbits concept: “Oh yeah sure, I’ll dot my i’s AND cross my t’s. How’s that, goindeep? Jeez, so picky.” Or maybe it has no burden on the situation whatsoever; can only hope that it’s used for good, no matter how irritating (if it even is). Best case scenario would to create something way better than originally hoped :smile: . Maybe people would have faith in ICOs again. (OK maybe I shouldn’t have bothered added that part, considering most are scams… though to what extent, who knows.)


Seems to me a big part of this project just comes down to connections and people.

If the folks at Gamerbits know people with sway in the market they’re targeting and they can create incentives for them to include Gbits in their tournaments and events, well then it is quite possible that a market develops for this token. Plenty of skins and coloured coins have successfully developed markets for themselves. I don’t think they require technical innovations so much as something that is easy to use which could become ‘known/recognised’ by actors in that market.

I don’t know anything about gaming in Asia. I don’t know anything about gaming tbh. But I could see this project working if the founders make one or two shrewd decisions to on-board and incentivise a couple of relatively influential people within the Chinese eSports market.

I’m also wary of judging the appearance and features of stuff intended for the Asian market myself. I’ve found all of the big Chinese websites that I’ve looked at to seem bizarre and ugly to my eye, but they seem to work for them. I think there is a kind of design language barrier between east and west, so they might be really good at designing for their chosen market. It is a hard thing for someone like me to judge. I am a “glass is half full” kind of guy though. The team seem reasonable and they might have or they might develop the connections they need to make this a success. I think it is quite hard to discount the possibility, despite some of the more reasonable negatives others have pointed out. I bought in a small amount, like any ico, you should consider it spent rather than invested really imo. Once you chuck your money in the pot it’s gone and you can’t count on ever seeing it again.


I connect quite well to the whole gaming concept. I don’t really play games (anymore), but I’ve kept up with the websites related to them. Given that strong connection that I have, regardless of my inability to explain it perfectly in words: to me everything about this seems way underestimated. Or I’m just over excited. Who knows, it might bring a lot more people to cryptocurrencies and Ethereum-type stuff. And then we’ll have even more booming news over crypto adoption.


Just how I like it :wink:

When you’re wrong you’re wrong, but the ROI makes up for it when they do come in

I respect others not being convinced though. As I said, I’m flying blind and inclined to optimism :grin:.


Lot of people basically saying I am making good points but just too harsh etc. Yeah well the real world is a prick sometimes ever been out in nature before, it’s kill or be killed and it’s the same in the human world we have built only difference is we like to dress it up at first for the kids but then we forget we are dealing with adults and finances. I’m no diplomat I know, especially to someone who is potentially going to pull a fast one on people online intentionally or not. I am in Australia and our rules here for investment and around consumer law are some of the toughest on the planet and I reckon it won’t be long before they toughen the rules here around ICOs.

End of the day You want to ask people for money? Then you better have a very squeaky clean product, team and offer otherwise I’m calling you out and raising warning because at the end of the day we are talking about peoples hard earned money here. ICOs fail and they’ll continue to its no surprise. Want to prove me wrong? Well do just that and everyone is happy including me because I care not about being right I care about the crypto world as a whole and I want to see it grow and flourish and I want to see people prosper. So please prove me wrong with gamerbits but don’t say I didn’t tell you the investor to be cautious.

And maybe Gamerbits just happened to be the ones I Aimed at as I only had one bullet but there are others too.

My advice. Be cautious be very cautious and better to come across as negative or critical instead of blindly following along singing the ignorant praises or in the case of this forum potentially leading younger, newer or just naive people into a false sense of security all because you don’t want to seem negative.

That’s all from me on this.


I want to say that I appreciated the pointed questioning of this and NVO by other forum members because I tend not to have been so direct myself. I also agree though with some criticism about the manner of some of that because I think it can be distracting, and makes it harder to take those asking questions seriously.

I think if questioning is, for example aggressive, the responses can become defensive and doesn’t necessarily help clarify. Though it can (as I think @BIGbtc would argue) help reveal other things such as the character of those being challenged, which is also useful to see.

So being challenging I say is definitely ok, and yes, maybe consciously testing character with that too, but if it is just too much snark or sarcasm etc I think can undermine the credibility of the questioner without revealing anything useful.


Good responds! As always.


Any response from gamerbits folks? They have been quiet and have not answered any PM’s after their ICO closed…


I think they just run with investors money for long holiday…


Yeah they’re definitely staking a bunch of real and known people’s reputations for the benefit of evil. Hell, they’re probably giving it all to Kim Jong-un!


This forum is incredibly accusatory and hostile. This is not what we first saw when we looked at it.

All throughout the sale we told the format, where all transactions on all the many many types of coins need to be calculated, cross verified and finalized, and then Gamerbits can begin to be sent out.

Why is everyone being horribly hostile and showing extremely ugly behavior here? We have informed about the process, no surprises.

This is perhaps the largest piece of dishonest information presented thus far

We have answered every question received, but will not respond to unwarranted threats or slander from your community. We are simply doing everything as planned


Don’t worry about people like them. They will always be around. Just focus on what you have to do and can do and let them say whatever they want as talk is always not expensive.
Not everyone is always like them so use your energy on others who is fair!!
You may want to think that their life is probably boring and just joke around.


It’s just confusing times, China bans, heavy ICO scams, price plummets, general public’s collective belief that there are nowadays formulaic templates to design for that get a big profit, instead of utilizing [those] various templates for a specific passion. The people here seem to have that [gaming] passion, which is why I was drawn to this in the first place (whereas I was just excited about the possibility of NVO somehow delivering some kind of worth, and just hoping they weren’t phony—which they pretty much may as well be, given their attitude, despite any real [and somehow serving some function??] coding that they pull off).

Getting myself out of character a bit: if this turns out that it’s another let-down, I would actually be extremely saddened, and pretty much join another ICO lol, even if it was illogical to not. I don’t think they would put forth that much of major disappointment and ruin a hell of a lot. It’s just my puny opinion, but Gamerbits has the chance to restore some confidence in ICOs. I mean, it’s nothing like a major computer science breakthrough like BTC or SAFE, but it’ll save a lot of turmoil to deliver everything as promised.

Carry on the good times. Ignore the haters. And other ubiquitous, needless heeds. I’m sorry there are people who make them feel this way to cause another, but it really needs to not hinder the process. On another note, that’s pretty messed up that people would make serious allegations as not answering PM’s. Just think of it as a new paradigm for said perilous themes floating around the cryptosphere, recently.