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Those links are live on your own sites mate. And no answers to the other questions?


Having a crypto-game point trading platform that uses Gamerbits as a currency would be a great concept.

I guess it’d depend on the available APIs to enable game point / in-game-currency exchanges between players on external platforms, which may be tricky (unless Gamerbits has escrow type accounts in the games?)

Interesting concept that would be very interesting in enabling value from one game to be transferred to another without using ebay etc.


I’d think that ‘twitch partnerships’ should be changed to ‘twitch producer partnerships’, otherwise at a casual glance it is a bit misleading as it gives the impression you have partnerships with Twitch themselves.


To me, a lot of the information and communication is misleading. I tried to give them the benefit of doubt and ask some questions to give them a chance to be a bit more concrete and open, but that did not work.

Referring to ‘our tech which has been developed and is fully functioning’ too me is very misleading when you are talking about copies of existing functioning open source projects developed by other people. The 4 wallets are copies of MyEtherWallet with some skins added. I do not see additional functionality nor do I get a clear response when I ask for the planned features they will develop themselves. The explorer is a super basic website with all the widgets from Ethplorer pasted into it.

I am not saying that using existing functional code which has been made publicly available is bad, every developer does that. But to then talk about it in the way Gamerbits does, gives the false impressions that they themselves developed all of the wallet and explorer. I can image how someone who is not familiar with github or (web) development would be mislead by this.

Maybe they have great developers who are building all kinds of features in their private repositories away from github. But I can’t see that, nor do I get any detailed information about it when I ask for it, which makes me skeptical.


I agree.

I was surprised when they said they had released their own wallet software, and when I opened it, it was clearly MyEtherWallet.

Saying they’ve demonstrated their technology by simply issuing an ERC20 token is again a bit misleading - they’re just demonstrating that ERC20 tokens work, which is well known.

While I find their communications misleading and I hope they improve them, I’m not overly worried because their product isn’t primarily technical - it’s taking existing technology to a new audience.

The application of existing crypto currency technology to a new market doesn’t require a great dev team, but marketing is important. If they get that right, they have a chance, though it’ll be a challenge.

However, if they want to make the whole process very accessible to their target market by simplifying user interfaces, and add new features such as trading of in-game assets via a mobile platform, they’ll need to get some serious developers on board.


This was my point…


Hah good luck getting a response that makes any sense.

Oh look … but wait… didnt you say on your website you’d be listed on exchanges by now? Oh yeah I forgot I asked you that earlier and you never responded.


In the thread, he said they’ve extended the crowdsale until September 10th. Just clearing that up. Please continue with whatever you’re on about, I think it’s somewhat healthy, though sarcasm is a little of a strange approach regarding an answer that’s clear to most people. However, it’s bit of an oversight to not update the Website with the fact that the crowd-sale has been extended; I haven’t checked there in awhile since I’ve invested all I’ve wanted.


I didn’t even make it to the ICO part of the website before being into this again:

Maybe helps to have your monitor tilted away from you while your face is close to the dude, and have your cursor in the cross section of the cloud in that picture and the R in Game Over, and use your cursor as a guidance for when to jump.


When does ICO finish? 10th?


Yes, the Gamerbits ICO final date to invest at ICO prices is today. ($1 minimum crypto investment)

The ICO period has been extended, I hope by now you see that it would not be possible or practical to list on exchanges before the ICO has been completed.

Paul Ryan Dev Walkthrough of Core Wallet

Our next video has been released, Wallet Dev Team Member Paul Ryan walks us through the Core Wallet usage, for v1.0.6 of the Gamerbits Cross-Platform Wallet.


Hello all, use of this word in regards to any of our wallets is not only highly incorrect, but quite slanderous and distasteful. While it is true that at these very early (pre-funding) stages for Gamerbits, we have been somewhat standing on the shoulders of giants, as all projects begin, our tests with tournament organizers have led to many concrete plans for our funded versions (v2.0 and above), and already highly customized versions with deeply expanded translations for target markets, which is all work completed 100% in-house and now available to all to clone and benefit from.

CMO’s 2nd Video Released, 2022 eSports Olympics Wallet

Appearing in her 2nd video now, Gamerbits Ltd. CMO Xijia Hu walks us through the software currently available for meetings and partnering with tournament events throughout Asia, and especially for the 2022 Asian eSports Games.


(minimum crypto investment is $1)


We are here to provide additional support through these final few hours of our ICO!


(minimum crypto investment is $1)


I am not so sure how to buy ICO for gamberbits. Can anyone advise please?


A little late but…

Make sure you own the private keys for your choice of coin to use for the ICO. Then just send it to the corresponding address on

That’s it for now. More instructions after the ICO.


Yes thank you @Audity,

Anyone can purchase with any of our many accepted currencies on our ICO crowdsale page.

Gamerbits ICO Final Day Today!!


Gamerbits Extended Video – CEO Message

Our final ICO Crowdsale video has been updated and extended, with additional information covered.

Message from Alex Lee Sid, CEO of Gamerbits Ltd.



Gamerbits ICO Closed!

Thank you for your interest in our team and project.

Numbers will be run and final contributions calculated and given for public verification, before dispersal of Gamerbits to all parties.

Glad to bring on several of our contractors into more permanent positions, to kickstart our outreach and expansion.

News will be released here and on our forums! Please join!


What do the people who bought GBITS do with them now? I suggest printing them on paper and using as kindling. Hahaha JK…


why do you have such a hating attitude?