Gamerbits eSports Apps

Please download it and test it yourself, so you can know what we are discussing thank you, code is completely open source and extebsible

It is connected to the SAFE Network by running 100% on top of the SAFE Network

Yes, and fewer and fewer exchanges are adding omni tokens these days because the omni team doesn’t update their protocol…

We moved it over (after discussing it with mods) to #related-projects due to the following guidelines:

  • Your project should be built to run on the SAFE Network.
  • Make it clear what your project is about and how the technology of SAFE is used to reach your goals.

We are very fair and open to any (related) project here, but there is a difference between projects that use SAFE in it’s core idea and others. Your whitepaper/website doesn’t mention SAFE or any way it will use the APIs here to reach your goals. So yes, you presented code for SAFE but it’s only a small part of the project. Most of the focus seems to be on things outside SAFE. That’s why we decided that this is the right category.


Hi yes sorry for not outlining it sooner,

I have been providing full escrow for all MaidSafeCoins and SAFE-FS coins, as well as several of the Bitcoin addresses for this project, and have written up our agreements myself as to the reqirements of their release over time.

The main points are that there are several apps that they have planned to create for the SAFE Network, as well as several benchmarks for market and industry adoption to be adequately met, before I release any of the coins from my escrows. I can get into the details of these if needed, but the relevant points are that there are no less than 4 additional SAFE Network apps to be made by Gamerbits, to further the SAFE Network and their project together.

@moderators I feel that they are a community creating SAFE Apps, and there have been many people who have created SAFE Apps (like myself, see SAFEtube, SecretChat, and many more) that create posts about SAFE Network apps and post them here in the Apps Category. The fact that Gamerbits is raising money seems to be irrelevant, and their post can be changed so that it promotes their cold storage app more than the ICO itself, but pushing everything straight into “related projects” doesn’t reflect what their SAFE Cold Storage App is, at all really.

Those are my points & requirements, and I am a bit busy editing & posting the videos from our Meetup last night, but can totally answer additional questions. Hope to see this resolved

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well… i’m in. Got an Etherium wallet and everything. Have control over private keys.


Wow thought I had not beaten riddim’s score, but just barely got it. Mom’s computer froze and she started complaining to me about it and I lost concentration. I’m pretty sure one’s mind becomes psychedelic when staring at such a constantly moving screen at around 13,000 points…


What are the other places on the 'net which people are talking about this crowdsale? I see Bitcointalk forum, this one (which seems dead now…), and GBit’s own forums. Maybe everyone needs to sign up to GBit’s forums.

Cold Storage App

The Gamerbits cold storage app is an open source solution to storing all private data–which can include Gamerbits private keys–to the secure encrypted decentralized SAFE Network. This application allows not only the secure storage of the Gamerbits currency, but also any ethereum based currency, any Bitcoin based currency or any other currency that relies on public-private key pairs. This is an important achievement for society, as it opens up a way for easy storage on a decentralized network, and any sensitive data. While it benefits Gamerbits holders immensely, having been created by (and support being provided by) the Gamerbits core team, it also allow as many other benefits to anybody wishing to store any sensitive data on a secure network with only two clicks.

This first application has been completed and tested on mockrouting, and is soon to be uploaded to the test 18 Network provided by MaidSafe. The complete code base is available open source on GitHub, at the Gamerbits Foundation Repository. This allows any programmer to access, audit, and extend the code base into an ever increasing amount of use cases on the safe Network. This provides mutual benefit to users of the safe Network, fans of privacy, and of course Gamerbits ICO token holders.

In appearance, it resembles the ICO crowd sale website page, as it also has the JavaScript Bitboy game playable on the header. This is now a decentralized serverless instance of the Bitboy JavaScript jumping game, running on completely different technology.

This is the first in a series of no less than four pieces of software to be released on the SAFE Network in conjunction with the Gamerbits ICO decentralized eSports currency project, to improve upon the security features available to our users, tournament organizers, and competitive players. These pieces of software must be completed before WhiteOutMashups releases his escrows to the Gamerbits team, ensuring that the SAFE Network gains an impressive amount of Open Source Code, and important extensions.

Private key transmission App

Similar to the Gamerbits cold storage app but in appearance only, the private key transmission app is a secured encrypted peer-to-peer messaging app for users to send anything from messages to sensitive information including Gamerbits private keys. This will allow the transfer of the Gamerbits currency or any other on a decentralized network with no middlemen. This is another important step for society, and it’s something that has not existed in the crypto space on this level.

Work has already began for this second application, and will be published on GitHub for open review and download, and additionally will be on MaidSafe’s alpha, or beta, depending on which stage the team is at at that point.

Extension for SAFE crypto exchange

Another important app to be created by the Gamerbits team for the SAFE network, is the extension to any SAFE Network crypto-currency exchange, for the Gamerbits tokens to be traded. This is a large task, and will also open the gate for any ethereum, Ethereum Classic, or any ERC 20 tokens to be traded On the SAFE network’s decentralized exchanges, while knowing that many thousands if not millions of exchanges will exist and compete. Our extension therefore has to be lightweight and extensible, and be easy to have integrated into many different systems, to be successful.

This is an important aspect for the SAFE
Network, and is an important part of our escrows, which again will not be released by WhiteOutMashups until adequately fulfilled.

Complete functional tournament wallet for SAFE Network and following by the rules set in the other applications, will be completely open-source and downloadable by all.

Functional Gamerbits Wallet on the Safe Network

Taking the lead on yet another front, the Gamerbits team will additionally be creating a full-service wallet and tournament organizers’ suite running on the SAFE Network. This will allow the viewing and transferring of Gamerbits and therefore any other etherium, classic, or erc20 token, using a wallet based on the SAFE Network.

There are many questions yet to be answered in this space on how this will materialize, and how the SAFE Network will handle calls to many of the Blockchains to allow this type of technology to function completely on the SAFE Network. Servers may be needed to process the request, and private Keys may be held on the SAFE Network for security, but it is hoped that ideally everything could take place on the SAFE Network. These parts are not certain yet, and future MaidSafe tests will determine a solution either way, and this is exciting for us to be working on.

The wallet will not look like the previous two apps at all, and it will be completely designed for all eSports functions, and all tournament organizers requirements. This can be any or all of the use cases explained previously in this white paper, such as eSports wagering, merchandise sales, and many other functions that players in organizers may need or offer at eSports events around the world. Of course all software will be translated into all appropriate languages, like many of our demos thus far.

Additionally at this point in time the SAFE Network will have been launched, and our MaidSafeCoin investments that we have received into the Gamerbits will have appreciated considerably, enabling the rewriting of any software to allow Gamerbits to be ported or cloned into a SAFE Network currency, if need be. Therefore any Gamerbits tokens running on any Legacy platform such as ethereum, will be transferable at a rate of 1 to 1.

It is very exciting for us to be contributing these applications to the SAFE Network, as we truly believe they will deliver and it will radically change the economy in many ways, which is why we at Gamerbits are doing what we do. We are excited to be working with WhiteOutMashups and understand that no escrows of his will be released to us without the delivery of these products for the SAFE Network community and the global community. All contracts have been signed by him and us so that these statements can be legally binding.


Hello @moderators we are here to have this fixed, as it is a very serious issue for our project.

As @JPL and other moderators have discussed and explained to us, there are several guidelines we have to meet to not be moved of of the forum into this hidden category.

We have updated our official whitepaper to your specifications (have pasted the relevant additions above for your convenience) and completed many clauses to explain exactly how SAFE is a massive part of our project, and what we have already given you all and will need to provide in the future for our escrows to be released by @whiteoutmashups

We are here to get these points visible to you and the greater audience for this problem to be fixed.

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Lots of typos in there, makes it hard to read and in some places difficult to understand.

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Hello in which post do you see any typos at all? Please let us know so we can proofread for a sixth time and catch any, thank you

Solid description of the apps you have and will produce. Just got me excited all over again to see them listed out again :slight_smile:

Hope the issue gets fixed soon

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If you proof read this once and missed these, I think you need to get some sleep!

I am concerned that GitHub still shows the private keys entered by the user being stored in an unencrypted public mutable data. Please ensure that the latest code is checked-in before somebody starts using this.


Yes hello we discussed this with you over PM, did that go through? Version 2 for production is being added to Github

Yes, your message came through… I’m just too impatient I guess.

We hope now for this issue to be rectified, as work has been completed and submitted as per the community’s requests. Thank you, will continue to stand by you here.

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Additionally, we have completed the images & links reflecting the SAFE releases, on our demos page


It’s now clear on the website and in the whitepaper that Gamerbits is also building Apps for SAFE. That’s why we moved the topic back to #apps. Read our updated Forum Guidelines for more info on crowdsales. Thank you.


Game currencies should be taken seriously, which is why I bought some GamerBits.