Gamerbits eSports Apps

Great idea thank you,

We have submitted the flag to their moderator team and given this warning reply here.

Thank you all very much for keeping us informed so we can do our best to avoid anyone being tricked.


It’s interesting to see all of the positive comments on the concept there. Not sure how many are genuine or trying to pump the thread, but you should take some encouragement from it I guess :smiley:


Hey @Gamerbits happy new year!

Just saw the new website.

Nice work. :slight_smile:

One issue while browsing on my phone (android, pixel, chrome)… the page keeps hijacking the scroll and pulling me back up to the top. Could it be the JavaScript game taking focus back? It’s annoying when trying to read all the content.



Yes thank you @Zoki happy new year,

and yes, we have several announcements to make.

Website Updated

Many of you have been requesting an updated version of our website, and we have worked with our partners to bring this to you. Specifically SAFEFS has allowed us access to their template and we have modified it to fit our needs and our browser Javascript Bitboy game.

Our website has sections for our
Whitepaper (Mandarin)
and Investing in GBTS

As well as all our social media at the base. We are in talks now for assistance getting our Gamerbits forum software updated and back online within a week’s timeframe. In the meantime, we have a telegram channel for live chat at

In addition, Pedro has received help with more updated video content, to further the Gamerbits Bitboy brand, with this Anime teaser. We hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a very strong 2018 in the world of eSports, crypto, and Gamerbits tokens!

Thank you,

  • Gamerbits Team

Gamerbits Additional Updates

We have a few small progress reports to share:

  1. Our Cold Storage Password App on the MaidSafe Network has received minor security updates, and has reached version 0.7.0 on our Gamerbits Github. A test version is also live on Alpha 2 at safe://gamer.password which now uses random Private Mutable Data and auto-refreshes after saving an entry. This is the first of our MaidSafe Gamerbits Security Apps in our Gamer Suite.
  2. Our forums are being redesigned and restyled by an outside agency and will be back online quite soon, once they have the proper mapped URL and secure HTTPS for password transmission.
  3. Additional updates to our website. HTTPS being renewed and coming very soon (although there is no sensitive data being processed by this site)
  4. Getting much closer to having 100% dispersal of GBTS tokens. All emails we recently received have been replied to and many transactions have been sent. You can view the 59 public GBTS transactions here, and see we have 37 unique holders currently. Please continue to reach out to us when possible.


We urge the rest to respond via email to claim your tokens. There are a couple people who are still yet to do this. Please respond, thank you

  • Gamerbits Team

May I suggest you put the full names of the company’s management on your website, along with a physical address to you office. Pseudonyms and nicknames are OK for a random forum, but not really for a serious company one would want to invest in.


Hopefully we can afford an office one day

I sincerely hope so too. But that’s not the point. The point is I’d like to know the full names and location of the people handling my money. Microsoft started in a basement too, but I don’t think Bill Gates presented himself as just Bill G. when looking for venture capital.


Any update? On anything?


is that really how people communicate here?

Quite rude, please see our update, here is a link:

That update is on everything

what u mean “rude” ?? dude asked for updates of ur deadbeat project and u come back with a reply like that quoting this absolute nonsense update from a week ago? u have literally done nothing since the ico. this whole projects has simply failed and u refuse to accept it. u failed ur ico goals (big time. even tho u extended the ico for multiple weeks), u failed ur china e-sport sponsoring goals, u failed on all levels. u dont even have a friggin office yet…and i dont care about some random bitboy youtube videos, this is is just a nice fat nothing-burger. my worst investment of 2017 for sure.

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Is there any chance of weekly / bi-weekly updates?

People presume the project is dead if hearing nothing, which is happening here and with Decorum.

With Decorum, I know it’s alive due to the people involved, but I don’t know the Gamerbits team.

Is there any ongoing work on this project, and if so, is there any way things could be more transparent to let people know what’s happening?

edit: forum still down, no communication… hope some signs of life appear soon.


@Gamerbits, I realised I didn’t tag you in my previous post, so you may have missed it.

To reiterate, is there any chance of more regular updates, and indications of what you’re working on?

The update on 4th Feb was good, but it’d be great to have more regular updates so people can see progress being made, where your focus is, and also make suggestions / help out where possible.

Edit: it would be great to know if you have any early ideas to kickstart people using / desiring Gbits, e.g. hosting online tournaments where players can play for Gbits pots, with Gbits entry fees.

Or, perhaps see how much it’d cost to get a Gbits version of going or something?

Just some ideas, as it’d be great to see some uses for Gbits at least in the roadmap, and uses that would make it desirable for people to play to win Gbits.


Hello? Did you try to get listed on any exchange? I am really not seeing any progress on anything and it is weakening my belief on this project.


Hello again, we are already listed for now, when our escrow requirements are fulfilled and we have access to more of the crypto we should be able to allocate portions for exchange fees to be listed in more areas.

In the meantime, a quick update is that we are looking at a possible acquisition / merger with a more established and experienced company, who will be able to better organize our operations.

There have been several impediments to our development and growth, such as falling 4x short of our funding goals, so we have been creative on how to continue progress in the meantime.

Even with our limited funding (most of which is still in escrow), we have been able to release:

And more. However to really push to the next level of penetration into the eSports market, we might need assistance and oversight from a larger group, which we are exploring.

We hope this short update suffices for now, with more news to come in the future.

Thank you for your support, @Gamerbits team


Great to hear your update.

Joining forces with others with different capabilities could be a good idea - hope any discussions with potential collaborators / buyers goes well!


So you have published a Youtube video that at the time of writing has received 19 views, and you call that “gaining access to marketing material” like it’s a good thing? Your website is pretty much the same old disaster complete with broken links it has been for months. Are you saying you have to get more money from escrow in order to fix a link to your own forums?

Our expensive website is quite cohesive, and if every single step forward we make is abused by users like yourself, then it leaves a poor taste for everyone.

We can’t apply logic to why you would fight us on every new release we make, and every step we make towards our goal. Are you an investor? If so, why would you wish to harm our project as we continue to reply with updates and progress?

Please let us know so we can understand and assist with your anger

Nobody considers Etherdelta as a good exchange. Please try to fulfill the escrow requirements and get listed on an exchange with some trading volume.

That is a good news to hear.

Well I have seen many ICOs getting much less and doing much more. Until you work and deliver a good product gaining more capital is rarely possible.

All of these are at least 2 months old? What did you do in between? All of these were done before even the last update.

Totally agreed. Developing a basic website needs no special technical skill.

Please check it once unbiasedly before making such a comment.

Yes I am an investor and I keep commenting about this project. Not because I want to let it down because you guys are just doing nothing or giving no update. In real life you does not get always what you want but you have to use what you have to achieve higher. You guys are keep whining about raising much lower than expectation in ICO and showing no or very very low work. I am really fed up. Let me just assume this project is dead and all my investment on this is gone and move on. Have a happy life. Bye


Yes it appears on our website that there were two (2) links that needed to be updated, to reflect current locations of our software, such as the Gamerbits eSports Block Explorer and the Gamerbits Official Telegram.

Apologies for these two links being temporarily broken as our project evolved.

Any further slander of the website or any materials would not be supported by us, as well as any exaggeration of the two isolated links, which have now been updated.

Constructive feedback is always integrated by our team, but your intention is everything.