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Hello again, this is Pedro from the Gamerbits Marketing Team,

Pleased to announce that we have completed our promised Gamerbits Cold Storage App, running on mock Testnet 18 software. The code has been made completely open source for all to use, and is compatible with current Test networks from MaidSafe. You can find many of our public repositories on our Gamerbits Foundation Github, as we contribute greatly to the open-source movement.

This is the first of a series of at least four Applications that we are creating for the SAFE Network, as a way to promote the security features of our project. Gamerbits is a new decentralized system around which we are customizing and translating wallets and software, to bring to our local Chinese and Asian markets. especially as we ramp up for the 2022 Hangzhou Olympic eSports Games. Version 1.0 of all our software has been completed, tested and released, along with the translated 2022 Olympic Gamerbits Currency Wallet, our 4 individualized wallets, and our Block Explorer.

In addition to the SAFE Cold Storage Application already developed and available for you on this post, we will also be creating a Private Key Transmission App on SAFE, an Extension for integrating Gamerbits (and therefore Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and any ERC20 token asset) on the limitless number of decentralized crypto exchanges that will ultimately exist on SAFE, a Gamerbits (ERC20 compliant) functional wallet and Chinese Tournament Wallet Suite on the SAFE Network, along with several more we have been planning.

We have been working very closely with @whiteoutmashups for some time, as well as @aydenlee, @Jinho_Jang and others from MaidSafe Korea & MaidSafe Asia, who have been extremely supportive and welcoming. We have also been heeding and responding to your DMs and other feedback along the way, and will continue this open approach.

We look forward to additional discussions on decentralization, Asia, our project, et cetera, Thank you!


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Hello everyone’s new posts aren’t showing up on this thread?

This is our new, official thread about our new app etc.

Please stop pushing things off of this, and please close our old thread in the related projects category, as it is not needed anymore.

@moderators we have created a fully functioning SAFE Network app for you and everyone else here, so we deserve at least this thread in the apps category.

We will continue until this is fixed, thank you.


Congratulations @Gamerbits on releasing your Gamerbits currency SAFE Cold Storage app, looking forward to testing it now.

It has been a pleasure to work with you all along the way, and it’s very impressive how far the project has come from when you first reached out.

I’ll continue to support when and where I can, as I’m sure the Asia team will too. You have a really interesting value proposition and are in the right area to kick this off to a huge market.

You can always call on me for SAFE Network support, and thanks for giving us this new app to use! I have no doubt you will succeed, and I look forward to more SAFE Network Apps from your team!

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To buy some ico coins do you only need to send btc (Or any other you accept) to the corresponding address on your website?

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Yes, that is correct.

Also, if you have ethereum or any of the accepted erc20 tokens listed on our crowdsale page then yes, purchasing with those will be the only step required, as Gamerbits tokens are on the same standard and will be sent directly back to your purchasing address. Ensure you own your private keys, like always.

Other coins like Bitcoin, SAFE-FS coin or the others will have one quick and simple additional step after the crowdsale, of signing a message or transaction, and then supplying an ethereum address. We will have support on staff for your assistance (if needed) for the entire process.

Thank you for allowing us to clarify.

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Hello, could you just give instructions how to buy your tokens with bitcoins?

Yes hello, there are no additional steps needed until the crowdsale is complete.

You may purchase with bitcoin or any other accepted altcoin now, and email after the sale has had its post-sale count, so that you may sign your transaction and provide your ethereum address, as stated in our whitepaper and on our Community Forums.

So everyone is free to proceed, and no additional steps will be needed until after the sale. Thank you

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I sent btc to your address from coinbase. Coinbase does not accept gamerbits. If you send back to that address I will lose them forever. Is there a way to have them sent to a different address?

Hello for this, please open a thread in the support category of our forum. Thank you

I posted in your forum, but could not select “support” for the category. It is in the category “uncategorized”


That is our fault, will rectify.

It had been set to staff only during pre-launch testing; will fix this and move your thread there for you. Apologies

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Even though it is not “cold storage” but this is great way to save private keys at ease.

I think this is more than just storing private keys. It can be similar to keepass. A password manager.


Yes we have left it open for many use cases,

It uses the built in security of the SAFE Network to save any important information you want to keep safe,

which could be passwords, card numbers, private keys for any coins including your Gamerbits. As well as much more


I like how you added “SAFE-FS Coin Private Keys,” nice touch :slight_smile:

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Just want to let everyone that I made a very rookie mistake and bought gamerbits by directly sending btc from coinbase. ONLY SEND FROM AN ADDRESS YOU HAVE THE PRIVATE KEY. Gamerbits handle all my questions and have a way for me to resolve this issue. VERY PROFESSIONAL and thanks to them for helping me out.


Sent 9001 SAFE-FS for some Gamerbits. It’s over 9,000.


But really though this is looking like one of my favorite crowdsales.

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I’ll try not to take that personally :stuck_out_tongue: haha but yeah, it’s hard to compete with a slick video game web interface like that…very cool! I think my high score is 1134? without the gltich trick, ofc



Helps to have it full-screened (1080p monitor?), and the mouse cursor underneath the letters “tc” (or maybe under the big G) for jump indication, focus only on the hurdles (never anything else, namely: not the bits, especially not the score), wait until the hurdles are directly underneath the mouse cursor or a little past it; then, click with either a bang or a whimper, depending on your mood at the time. I had quite a bit of lag over half the time, which might have helped, though it was also erratically disorienting. I’m not sure if my monitor has a good refresh rate, but that’s something, too. Maybe helps if rhythm game experience is had.
And it helps to have just ‘woken’ up after not being able to sleep for an hour and a half, for pure meditative focus.