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Ukraine 0 - 4 England :soccer:


Not often I like to see England win but humping the Ukraine is worth making an exception for.

Jolly good!!!

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Well I assume that Ukraine has gotten further then most expected them to in this competition. Further then Russia for example.
This match was in Rome, but all other Euro 2020 matches of England were and will be at home (London). Where the temperature is also less (tiring) then some other match places. So that is a serious advantage to win the whole thing. However England have payed (also tax payers l assume) to (co-)organize it and I wish them a good party should they win.

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As you know, @happybeing, I come from a long line of Danes, many of them Great and will be drinking only Carlsberg and Tuborg for the foreseeable.
Beware longships bearing tadpoles coming round the bend to your new mooring.

Well I’ve run out of Scotch so fair enough.

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I will ensure the longships are loaded with kegs of mead :slight_smile:
Remember if you do beat the Danes, you will STILL be reminded that you couldn’t beat us.

Remind me again of the result first match England played at Wembley after that game where they fluked a result with the shocking assistance of the referee who fought at Stalingrad and might just have had an agenda? 1967 I believe it was?

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I’ve suffered many England performances over the years, no need to remind me. Last night they were superb, the best performance I’ve watched and I’m grateful for Scotland for starting us off with such a drubbing:
0-0 Scotland
1-0 Czech Republic
2-0 Germany
4-0 Ukraine
… Denmark

I’m already happy, but fingers crossed we can make the final.

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Hope you lose - on penalties :slight_smile:

Meanwhile the word of the day is gallus

It doesnt translate too well but this is gallus to the max… Jim Baxter keepy up Wembley 67 - YouTube

England 2 - 1 Denmark


Dodgy penalty to decide, but England definitely deserved the win. Sharper and more dangerous all evening.