Future Conversion MAID/EMAID to Safenetwork Tokens

Given the swift advancements in The Safe Network, it seems we’re nearing the transition from MAID/EMAID to The Safe Network Token.

Considering the emerging shifts in the crypto regulatory landscape —like KYC, AML, and Source of Funds— what should we anticipate during this conversion? Will it be a straightforward transfer from MAID/EMAID to SNT, or will Maidsafe investors encounter bureaucratic challenges?

It might be worthwhile now to discuss this on the forum, particularly to determine whether an earlier conversion could sidestep potential future governmental impediments.


You simply will say that u convert your token for another/this in my opinion if even somebody ask. 2. I am rather prefer be pesimist to time of finished network, even if tomorrow will be done, there must be testing for few month in my lama opinion


As far as I’m aware, There’s no SNT without a Safe Network. So an early conversion is probably unlikely/impossible if you’re imagining this happening before ’Launch’



Just image if this could be done or would be done then it would just be converting the token (MAID) reserving SNT to another token (???) that is a reservation for SNT. SNT can only live on a proven working live network.

I doubt the actual conversion will occur before the network is working properly and proven to be bug free enough that no restart is needed and SNT is safe on the network.

Agree with this. I would not trust a network that after a week was working “flawlessly”. There is simply not enough time to prove the network and I am sure the team would want a lot of stress testing done on the release candidate code before deciding its robust enough to start conversion.


Ok i understand, but lets theoretically say that the conversion would happen now, will it be a simple conversion, or will regulations require source of funds?

I am asking this because many of us have been in Maidsafe since 2014 and having to go thru source of funds is challenging 9 years after date.

We’ll be looking to test this process during Beta (which isn’t to far off) so everyone will know how it works and what to expect. So you’ll be able to get a feel for it with test tokens. No surprises.

We are discussing a few options for how the mechanics of it will work, but from an administrative POV it will function like an airdrop, so if you already hold MAID it shouldn’t require any more paperwork or personal data. Just your wallet address.


I am hoping for easy conversion and just having to provide a wallet address where your Maidsafe token resides would be great. I am hoping to avoid creating a wallet on the Omni blockchain and moving my tokens from there for the conversion. I do have my seed phrase where my Maidsafe resides but hope to avoid such a transaction.


How will users be able to claim the tokens? Do they need to sign a message to proof they are owner of the address or how will they become owner of those airdropped tokens?


@JimCollinson I wonder if using the snapshot method where at a certain time a snapshot of all (e)MAID addresses/quantity is made and there is a public file(s) on the Safe Network where an encrypted message using the address is made which contains the DBC that has the SNT for that address.

Only the person with the private key can decode the message and get their SNT. This means that forever and a day the SNT will be there waiting for the (e)MAID owner to collect their SNT.

No need for any automated process to wait for people to claim their SNT with verifying themselves or sending signed messages that has to be verified and process (manually or automated). This is a simple script that processes the snapshot list creating the encrypted files holding the DBC and the person then simply decodes it


Sort of an encrypted dictonary like this?

  maid: [
  emaid: [

They could already build test software to collect the snapshot, parse it so they know the value of each address at timestamp x. Then only need to port this to code that will be when network launches and become unlockable (‘read permission’) after some time, to ensure network is fully running (just a thought).

My question is who will own the role to create such DBC? Surely the tokens for each address must be pre-authorized by a minter role of some kind. Sort of a one-time smart contract on network init.


Yep, something along those lines and then even have a simple app where the person puts in their private key and the app finds the address then decodes it for the person and adds the DBC (or whatever it is now) to their wallet.

Well basically anyone could write it for them and it should be simple enough to audit it.

As to who/what creates the DBCs well it has to be done anyhow so whatever will do it is really another issue that exists no matter the method used to create the DBCs for people


Yeah a snapshot method is certainly a primary candidate.

My main point being though, that aside from the technical implementation, the redemption is i the form of an airdrop (which is effectively a legal term of art at this point) and therefore shouldn’t require any KYC, or long winded processes. It’s just about redeeming your Safe Network tokens using the MAID you already hold.


Along with the snapshot, is it possible that a ‘burn’ will be required to unlock SNT to avoid people re-selling redeemed MAID to less well informed people, or is that not so simple?


It depends on the implementation. We are discussing both burn and non-burn options.

There are pros/cons to each approach.


Will it be cordinated with the market so that MAID/EMAID markets stop on the day of the snapshot and replaced with SNT? As SNT replace MAID and MAID gets worthless then MAID should not be sold on exchanges. Don’t know how the defi emaid works in those scenarious.

My opinion is that if at all possible then no burn or movement of the (e)MAID should be needed or done. This means that people do not need to do anything, nor is there any possibility of errors occurring.

But the drawback is if people do not find out the snapshot has been done and buy (e)MAID not realising they will get no SNT for it. Also people have to ensure they have all their (e)MAID in addresses they own. Surely with enough announcement this shouldn’t be a problem.

Probably much less problem than those buying fake MAID tokens

And exchanges like Bittrex can simply rename MAID to SNT and switch over their deposit/withdraw procedure. Thus anyone with MAID on Bittrex will get automatic conversion


I guess if Bittrex and HitBTC can send multiple warnings to MAID / eMAID holders on their platform to withdraw before any snapshot, and close trading after snapshot it would be few affected.

Even better if the exchanges, after giving users good warning, implement unique addresses for each account’s MAID holdings after a certain date prior to snapshot, where the user can access the private key to claim SNT. Highly unlikely to happen though I guess, even if there’s an enforced fee taken for the service (e.g. X MAID per account).

Perhaps Uniswap could also put a warning up that eMAID had transitioned and any purchase will be invalid for transition to SNT?

It’d be a big shame if anyone were offline for a few months for whatever reason, and on returning found their MAID held on an exhange now useless, so that’s well worth avoiding in my opinion.

Assuming the exchanges aren’t really helpful, burn seems cleaner, with no former proxy tokens still existing with unaware people buying, and no issue if someone doesn’t withdraw from an exchange by a certain date. I expect it’s more admin though, and perhaps other cons?

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How is possible to do not it via burnout? Then as somebody mention can sell fake maid that been already claimed no?

The markets for eMaid/Maid needs to be closed and switched to SNT on the days around snapshot.


As long as the exchange will change over from the omni protocol to a client on the safe network then they can continue as usual. People’s MAID is just a number in the trading platform database.

Thus the day before snapshot they disable deposits/withdrawals
Check for their (the exchange holdings) SNT to be supplied
Then open deposits/withdrawals on the safe network

Only when the user supplies a SNT address can withdrawals and deposits be done.

Easy to do that. Use snapshot. You can query the omni protocol for every address that has (or ever has) had MAID.

If snapshot is used then the reliance is for announcement to be made. MAID is relatively small and I’d say most know of the forum. The leadup to conversion will be many months while the release candidates are tested and stressed and hopefully people will find out during this time the snapshot is coming.

Obviously after the snapshot is taken then MAID really becomes worthless for trading. The snapshot would be expected to be taken the day the conversion is happening. Considering the time that will be between release candidates appearing and the launch day I’d expect people have plenty of time to find out and the only ones that could be disadvantaged are those buying MAID after conversion and surely they will be buying because they heard of the network being live and thus know its SNT and shouldn’t be trying to buy MAID

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