Funding for MaidSafe company - update


No trusted setup and an auditable supply

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well diamonds and gold have some uses for making like really sharp cutting tools and electronics… USD on the other hand has nothing other then 1 source (the US gov) saying we will make sure this is secure with fancy paper and stuff. BTC on the other hand transcends all governments and has a set production rate and a much harder to crack security. But similar to USD it doesn’t make tools, you can’t eat it, basically it just has value because we all agree its a medium of exchange.

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What fundamental value is there in the Rai stones?

Most people do not understand that the value of things does not come from their usefulness. The value of things comes from the faith of the people in them…

Is Faith real? Maybe not, but while we behave as if it is, there is no real difference …

BTC is the new gold and there is nothing that can change it…


This discussion is not relevant to Maidsafe Funding any more. Please stay on topic or take it to say other coins topic or a new one in #off-topic.

Thank you for understanding


Yep and when the USD ends up like the Venezuelan currency, everyone will be scrambling for alternatives

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Crypto Ban Bill & US Debt spiral

then hold your “precious btc” and hope for new people who will be willing to pay more than you did so you can make profit, good luck.
its pure business, if the crypto was in any way risk for the goverments then exchanges would be banned, but for now lobbysts (whales) do pay the right guys in governments to postpone any decisions and others ( tom lee etc.) to build the hype and thanks to that make huge money on naive people believing they will become rich.

Crypto Ban Bill & US Debt spiral

I think you did not live during hyperinflation otherwise would you think different … :slight_smile:

Things are not for wealth but for storage of value. I do not believe in the fiat money…


Please feel free to continue the discussion on money (fiat and crypto) to my new thread -->

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Looks like there is plenty of money starting to slash into crypto investments again:


Hi All,

I just re-opened an old thread about migrating MAID tokens from Omni to another protocol, with the aim of securing MAID liquidity over the medium term:


What about an option to ‘lend’ our MAID to MaidSafe to finish development, once the network is up and running, MaidSafe will have a constant income of SafeCoin from the network, so can repay our commitment back. As a reward a small portion of MaidSafe company shares could be allocated to these people.


  • Stops everyone running for the door if MaidSafe announces they need funding.
  • No more MaidSafeCoin is created.
  • Long term holders of the MaidSafeCoin get what they want (a finished network).
  • This lock-up / lending process means the token has another utility while we wait for the network.

Right now my Maid stash is doing absolutely nothing, I would rather put it to use to get what I want, ultimately a working network.



I like the idea. I would lend all my MAID to MaidSafe without anything and without a shadow of hesitation…


I agree I would also do it without anything. But interest free loans are complicated from a tax viewpoint. I was thinking more 1 MaidSafe share per 100,000 tokens? or something small so its not seen as interest free.

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personally I want mine on hand to trade when there are good opportunities. I think there are some real HODLers that would do it though. To me your numbers just don’t sound enticing. A slight bit of interest at the cost of the opportunity to make much larger margins trading, and also be able to exit if say the company doesn’t look like they are succeeding.

One thing to be careful of is that when you add interest it almost surely becomes a loan which almost surely makes it a security. Just to clarify why this is not good, polo is geoblocking anything they are worried the SEC might consider a security to US customers.

PS feel free to come join me and @neo in debating if MAID is already a loan here

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There is nothing at the moment so no debate.

If you start loaning MAID as a financial instrument then you open a can of worms.


not that the company taking a loan is a bad idea. Just its a bad idea to ask for a loan from a bunch of small investors that are not necessarily qualified to trade in loans. What they should do is approach a bank or angel investor and be like I want a legit loan, like you might give any business with promise, and if we succeed in becoming profitable we will pay you back more at that time.


They will do as Nick said elsewhere. Most likely an equity deal/sale/whatever you call it


yep I think they are prolly already soliciting angel investors (if not they should be to get the best deal and not have to take whatever in a panic because they about to run out of money)… and generally they want equity not just some set interest rate. Unfourtantly that means they lose more profits if its wildly successful, but at least that means the whole pie got bigger so hopefully they are still happy with their slice.

A bank loan might be hard to secure since they are kinda an R&D type company, and not just like I want to sell landscaping services, but first need to buy some equipment… ya know something that’s been tested and proved profitable if you just be smart and do the work.


Last time we used bttf.
That takes away the concern of not allowing unqualified investors.


Presumably, maidsafe would need to sell said tokens, which would put downward pressure on the price.

Considering the money sloshing around in crypto, I am sure there are other options too.

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