Fun Keylog resistant keyboard


I am a backer :smiley: it’s a good idea as long as we can trust the company etc.It’s Open source so will be good to see verification of the code etc. but yea good idea. We need many more such ideas.


I like the fact they’ve called their secure, private, non-leaking desktop ‘Satya’. Nice sense of irony there!

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To prevent keyloggers, just:

  1. Secure access to your hardware.

  2. Don’t run anything you’re not sure of. Never run email attachments.

I tend not to favor, and recommend against for my clients, emphasizing technical solutions for human problems.

For example:

  1. Backups. Manage your backup with at least some manual action at least once a day, even if it is just to read an email from the backup software to tell you that last night’s backup was successful. And if the email says that it failed, or there was no email, then call your IT support to investigate. By way of contrast, DO NOT have some online backup solution that you complacently assume is working as advertised.

  2. Malware. Be paranoid, and practice “defensive computing” i.e., do assume that every other person on the Internet is an evil maniac. Do not run e-mail attachments unless you have first established who they are from and what sort of attachment it is. By way of contrast, do not complacently assume that an anti-virus program on your computer (say, the Macafee demo (barf!) that came with the computer and which you never even paid for, or worse, did pay for) will allow you to behave recklessly and protect you from, say, ransomeware).

  3. Keyloggers. See above.

Great advice but most of us are not sure how to do that effectively and rely on the experts to show us how. Then there is the fact many of us share our computer with our partners who are not aware of how prolific malware ads have become.

The automatic updates for this device seems to be the weak point. This means that everyone of these devices can be compromised with one crack at the source of the updates right?

On a side note I would hope to see a hardware option for safecoins similar to ledger.

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