From what I can tell, Washington State residents S.O.L.?

Been a while since I’ve had some money to put in to crypto, and since then, it appears that it has become next to impossible to purchase any MAID, since I live in Washington State. It seems that the few exchanges which trade it are not licensed here, as far as I have been able to dig so far.

Can anybody offer any leads? I’m going to keep looking, and I’ll post here if I find anything in case there are others looking for the same.

You only wanna buy? Or you wanna trade? If there is no exchange where you are able to buy MAID maybe you could try something like changelly?

Preferably I’d like to have a place to buy, but I do have access to other coins, so trading would be an option. I don’t think I can even use changelly here; I’ll have to look into it.

Can you use bitker? Ive never tried it myself.

Hah! Changelly doesn’t operate ANYWHERE in the U.S., at least according to their T.O.S.

It’s not on the list of WA authorized exchanges that I have found (last updated March 12th), but I’ll check it out.

Go for

Why am I no longer twenty (characters)?

Thanks, looks like it’ll work…

It should (even for US residents). I have been using it for a while. No problem so far.

Omniwallet still a good place to send my MAID to once I trade for it at coinswitch?

I use Electrum and Jaxx, but Omniwallet is an option too.

This supposedly No KYC, No account exchange I haven’t used myself and only today I noticed MAID is on here:

Here is another with “no account, no KYC” but I have a friend that says if you try to do an exchange over some arbitrary amount like $1000 USD the ‘changeNOW’ site will freeze the exchange and ask for KYC, no idea if that’s also dependant on what country you’re using the site from.

I’m also wondering why these aren’t on the list of places people can get MAID? these seem like they would be the fastest most convenient way… that implies if they aren’t actually scams… but then again I’ve been warning people against HitBTC for like over a year and so many people keep using it and the maidsafe company even promoted it for all that time sooo… :confused:

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Because through these, people still get their MAID from HitBTC and Bittrex. Just, sometimes, without the need to register and undergo the KYC annoyance.

Seems like even more of a reason to list them, even if that’s instead of the exchanges they are going through, no?

If I have the choice to have to register, giving my email, and then possibly my real name, and a ton of other information that basically no one should ever have…

Or I have the choice to send my coins to an address and receive other coins at another address…

really why would anyone choose the first one?

Fees it eeeeeeeeees.

Simple swap doesn’t operate in my state. I’ll look in to ChangeNOW.

you should at least call/write your local representative and be like damnit why are you keeping me in this padded room? If all else fails you could move I guess. Even if you just had like a cottage somewhere I think you could go there and buy crypto? Not sure how the legalities of that work so don’t take this as legal advice lol. If you want my illegal advice find someone to sell it to you off the counter :wink:

you should be using a vpn for everything anyway :wink:

even with a VPN exchanges usually require you to prove you actual address to pass KYC.