From Tim Berners-Lee to Kim Dotcom: a who's who of Internet 2.0 innovators - feat. Mr. D. Irvine (V3)


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Impressive, quite impressive and what an honor. Up there with the smartest guys in the room. Who would not want to follow Berners-Lee, Satoshi, Buterin?

Congrats David Irvine @dirvine


Let somebody make a few bucks and educate yourself at the same time. :slight_smile: Your missing out on a lot of good stuff.

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Had the same on that site for another article. I understand they want to make money, but unless I really really really want to read it I usually just close the site.


Hey @dirvine & @nicklambert this is definitely SIZZLE. Milk it … till the cows come home.



Congrats David! You are a visionary and deserve the recognition.

The Internet and practically the whole world has become flooded by corporatism which centralizes money and power and stifles competition. Your team is building a type of ark to outlast this flood and nurture individualism. The safe network will begin a new revolution in which people will have more security and freedom. I think it will level the playing field and allow smaller groups to compete in the marketplace. It will take power away from the large corporations and deliver it into the hands of individuals.

Thank you David and also the rest of the Maidsafe team for your tireless efforts!


David Irvine - If they had not mentioned him:

Clockwork Maid and A Safe Rest

Why does the night come to find me
Dancing alone in a dress of the moon?
I am here to perfect her, to push her into the sun
Seems all my life has been building to this day
Then why would I give, give it all away
For just another ordinary day?

Clockwork Maid and A Safe Rest (mp3) | The Clockwork

Ok, sure, terrible? Probably more to his taste:

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle Cover, mp3) | The Clockwork

A bit of a risk listening to this:

You know everything on this website is property of The Clockwork Dolls right?
I mean except for the link section, we don’t own the internet, silly.

But seriously steal our music or our images and I’ll cut you.

Music for folks who dream, and dream big:

When The Clockwork Dolls formed in 2007, the concept was simple: Theatrical, grand epic music for folks who dream, and dream big.

Sam Lee - Composition, production, second guitars, keyboards
Julie Zakar - Lyrics, vocals


Wait, how are they having Satoshi?

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Moved a lot of posts about the article being blocked for at least me with an adblocker. I see I’ve missed one post which I’m going to keep here now because it would really mess up the topic if I’m going to move it.

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