Freeing journalists and reporters from editors with SAFE

Right now journalists and reporters are constantly told by editors that there is stuff they cannot report on or talk about. Basically anything that is important or might make a difference they are told they cannot talk about.

But once it became clear that nothing could be censored the corporate media’s own censorship megaphone would get turned around Slur style and the editors would be effectively removed. The money would be working against the money like its supposed to.

It would be corporate media inversion. Kind of like a vacuum cleaner with a reversible motor, everthing its sucked up and kept from people for decades would get spewed out. No longer any way to hold back or muzzle poor reporters it would be an explosion as if appetite increased upon what it fed on. We just need SAFE help put the first real hole in the dyke to take the gag order off the world media.

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