Free VPN with Opera

Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow… now you can give all your dataz and web habits to Opera Software inc ! Good for them ! And now you can leak dns requests like never before ! Amazing ! And think it protects you when using your mail client or whatever program and have everything leak everywhere ! Wow, that is what we call cybersecurity !

EDIT did I mention have VPN exits in Canada, Us, Germany, all well known for their fantastic privacy regulations ! That is great news

EDIT oh and webRTC leaks too :smiley:


In other words, it might not be so good @19eddyjohn75


Lol that’s riiiight.

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No no that’s not the same thing… There’s always something fishy about free VPN services. Take hola for example, the service was selling user’s bandwidth. Certainly I don’t expect this from a company such as Opera, but there’s always a catch. I prefer using my Ivacy Vpn. So, thanks but no thanks!

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Also worth noting that Opera was recently sold to a Chinese consortium for a suspiciously large amount of money


Well, Recently Opera has launched useful VPN app for IOS to help IOS users but still many users are not appreciating it’s efforts because they feel it’s free service is to keep logs and share users data with others. Another important information article updated by Lifehacker Australia about best VPN providers in which Ivacy is newly introduced as a VPN and second Express has retained its place.

It’s not vpn. It is a proxy. They lied again. Typical Apple.

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