Free Targeted Advertising for Safe Network until June 2021 on PRESEARCH

Good find. I wonder how many of their 1.6 million users are real though.

Projects like this come and go, obviously Brave is one that stuck around, we’ll see, still a good find, free traffic is free traffic. I might go and have a play around later. Cheers.

Now who’s being negative.

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I prefer your ad to mine, so I will copy it - it’s a better landing page too. So we now have “security” and “network” as Presearch terms that will always display our ads until/unless we get outbid, maybe some other members will join in soon…


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Just dropping a quick update here in case anybody is curious how much traffic presearch ads might get

Just under two weeks ago I took an ad for the search term ‘security’, which didn’t have any ads on it and was therefore available for the minimum bid of 1000 tokens (which you get back in full).

Since then the advert has had 698 views and 6 clicks according to their own statistics.

Not huge by any means but not bad for free and based on that I’m guessing more popular search terms must get a pretty decent amount.